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Virus Removal Software for the average PC user. Updated 2015.

The word ‘virus’ is the most talked about word in the computer world, along with it’s partner, ‘spyware’. They are both equally disliked by every computer user, especially if you are unlucky enough to have one. Even if your computer hasn’t been infected with a virus, most problems are usually blamed on them. If you think you have a virus you should do some research by finding out what a virus is and the difference between a virus, spyware, and malware. Do not do the research on the computer that has the virus though, as the virus will be spreading through your computer as you use it.

The sure fire way to avoid any confusion is to ensure that your computer has proper virus removal software installed. By ‘proper’ I mean if you are going to buy any software it should be virus removal software. Get all your other programs and software for free but do not skimp on your Virus Removal Software. Of course if you are really scabby, you can install a free virus program and then check out my top 10 tips on how to protect your computer from viruses.

How do I choose the right virus removal software for my computer?

Good Question! Every computer is different and each computer user requires a different amount of protection. For example if your computer does not even have an internet connection and you do not share files, then I do not see a need for you to install any virus removal software. On the other hand, if your computer connects to the internet for even a second, you need protection.

The level of protection varies. If you download files and programs from the internet then you should be protecting your computer with the best anti virus software available. That does not mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars though. If you read through the reviews below you will be able to choose the right Virus Removal Software for you.

What is virus removal software? Is it the same as antivirus software?

Virus removal software and antivirus software are the same thing. Each software developer calls their particular program a different thing. In the end, all antivirus software is meant to do the same thing, alert you about viruses, quarantine them, or remove them. Many antivirus software also now include complete internet security. This means it will include an antivirus program along with other security features such as a internet firewall. There is no reason why you should go through the stress of trying to remove a vicious virus from your computer when all of the virus removal software is either available for free or at a very reasonable price.

The software listed below is made to protect your computer against getting attacked by a virus, however it is also made to be virus removal software. This means that if you do get a virus, the software that you are using should be able to get rid of it.

Top 5 virus removal software

I am just going to give you my honest opinion and review on my top 5 antivirus programs. The reason I have chosen these particular programs is I have actually used them and tested them for myself. There are many antivirus programs that work but I have not tested them all.

These program protect your computer from getting infected in the first place as we all know that prevention is better than cure.

1.  Avast Antivirus Professional – 60 Day Trial

This is what I use now. I actually downloaded the free 60 trial and then ended up buying the program. It was absolutely amazing. It would update itself, and other than that you would not even know it existed, until the warnings came through… WOW.. This program picks up everything! Even if I put a disc in the disc drive it would find a virus on that..Even though the disc is old and no other virus checkers had picked it up before.. You do not have to take my word for it because you can download the trial version and try it. It has no limitations but expires after 60 days. So you get to try the full program. Not like some programs that scan your computer for viruses and then tell you to buy the program to get rid of them.

The other great thing about the Avast is that it will do a boot time scan which is a scanned performed before your Windows registry files are loaded. This way it can check them while they are not in use. I have found that the vast will pick up a virus using this method when other programs fail. Another feature that is included in all versions of Avast is the program lets a friend help remotely if you have trouble. WOW that is a life saver!

I have to tell you that I have so many computers in my house that I could not possibly afford to buy virus removal software for all of them. Therefore I have the avast trial version installed on some of my computers and when the trial runs out, it has a little button hiding, saying continue with the trial. I have pressed this and continued to use avast for free. I also have bought avast Internet security which covers three PCs. I use this for the computers most at risk.

Visit the Avast Comparison Page

2.  Microsoft Security Essentials – Totally Free

Recently I have been testing the Microsoft Security essentials free virus removal software to see how it runs. It is free to download for anyone with a genuine copy of Windows. It is very easy to use and gets updated automatically. It seems to be very user-friendly and you would almost not even know that it was on your computer. That’s what I like, software that does its job and does not annoy me. I suggest you download Microsoft Security essentials for yourself and see if you like it. This is absolutely free and you will not be asked to buy or upgrade any version of this software.

I am not sure if this virus removal software is going to replace my usual program that I use, (Avast) but I will eat my hat and use it if this works out to be better. Even though I am testing this software, I have not had a virus while using it, I have not seen it detect a virus, I have not seen it block a suspicious website, or any of the other things that I’m looking for. If you have been using Microsoft Security essentials, please add your review below to let us know what you think of it.

Download Microsoft Security essentials

3.  AVG Antivirus – Free Version Available

Most people know about AVG because there is a free version available to download that does a really good job. I would gladly install the free version on AVG on a persons computer if they were not willing to buy a Virus Removal Software. I have tested the free version for about two years and it did the job, although I did eventually end up with a virus and had to reformat my computer. This was not acceptable in my case and therefore I had to upgrade to the paid version. If you are just using the internet to check your emails and buy stuff on Ebay then you should be fine with this program. AVG Free includes an email scanner.

4.  Norton Antivirus – Trial Version Available

If you buy a new computer you will most likely have a trial version of Norton Antivirus installed for you. I did use this program for countless years because in those days the program was just the biggest resource hog and their computers could not take it. That means it slowed your computer down considerably, however I believe that the new 2011 version has improved greatly. I recently bought a new laptop that had Norton trial installed on it and I did not have any problem with it and did not even notice it was there until the trial was over. now I simply hate it because of how often it shows up and nags me to buy it. Of course when I get the chance I will simply remove it. It is not that I don’t like Norton Antivirus, it is the fact that I do not like being nagged! This is one of the best antivirus programs out there but is not completely user friendly and it this is a nagger!

Try Norton Antivirus for 30 days

5. ZoneAlarm

I started using ZoneAlarm when it was just a plain old firewall program. It was the absolute best. Now it incorporates a complete internet security suite including antivirus. Of course it is and always was a great program but I unfortunately found something else in the mean time. This is one of the best security programs you can install on your computer, however it is not for the newbie computer user. If you are serious about having the number one firewall program on your computer then Zonealarm is for you!

Rated #1 by Save 50% on ZoneAlarm 2013 today!

There is Virus Removal Software that I haven’t tried?

This is Andrew Dallison’s comment: No one Antivirus is sufficient for all your personal needs, without a doubt “Kaspersky Internet Security 2011″ is one of the best of its kind, having sold over 250 million copies in 2010. I would also suggest paid versions of both “Malwarebytes” and “Trojan Remover”, used as a combo, I have found each to be very effective. Each one used independently will simply amaze you at what they could possibly uncover. In the case of Malwarebytes, out of well over 1000 pcs tested last year, on a full scan of Malwarebytes not even 20 completed the course of a full scan without finding some thing unwanted.(Pc Tec Analyst)

Virus Removal Software recently tested

I happen to win a copy of Vipre antivirus premium about two years ago and have been testing it on a couple of computers to see if it worked, and to see how annoying it was. You can download a trial version of the software and tried out the yourself. During my testing period I did not get one virus and the computers I installed it on did not have any problems. It also is very user-friendly.

When testing any anti-virus software I usually install it on a few of my customers computers. Most of my customers are computer illiterate and anything that is confusing to them is a nightmare for me. If I put something that they do not understand on the computer, they will ring me. Unfortunately I haven’t got all day to spend on the phone, and therefore I only stick to Virus Removal Software that is user-friendly and does its job.

It is no good testing software unless is it is done by a real user.

I do agree that “Malwarebytes” is great when you do have a virus, and I have recommended this myself, as it picks up stuff that others can’t. However I have been using Avast antivirus software even after my trial version ran out. The thing is, it didn’t annoy me and I never got a virus, so why would I need to recommend other Virus Removal Software that would find a virus for me.

Free Virus Removal Utilities

There are so many free virus removal tools and utilities out there that it can get confusing when choosing the right one to use. Hopefully this list below will help.

Utilities in this section are generally quite fast at scanning and have good detection rates

ADWCleaner – This is one of my favorite programs and I run it on almost every single computer I touch, it searches for and removes toolbars and add-ons from internet browsers in an efficient and thorough manner.

MSConfig – While it doesn’t technically remove the viruses and it technically is not in my toolkit it goes without saying that this is a very good and effective tool at helping to find and remove malware.

MCAfee Anti Root kit – This Lightning fast scanner has a limited number of Malware programs that it can detect, but it seems quite good at those. see what is a rootkit virus.

Rkill – A general purpose virus killer, this utility will not remove a virus but it might be able to stop one so that you can run other programs.

RogueKiller – One of the most in depth and thorough virus scanners in this part of the list, it will find a whole slew of baddies and will alert you (with a flashing red warning symbol) of any REALLY bad Malware it finds. (Zero Access for example)

TdssKiller – When this one launches I always go into the Change Parameters and select Verify File Digital Signatures and Detect TDSS File System, this can cause several false positives to show up, but it can also fish out hidden Malware that may have been missed otherwise, I do not recommend selecting any ADDITIONAL removal options unless you know what you are doing (it comes up with a list of things to remove on its own, don’t change it unless you’re brave.) See how to use TDSSKiller.

Utilities in this section take longer to scan but are more thorough scanners

MBAR (Malware Bytes Anti-Root kit) – This anti-root kit tool (by our favorite Anti-Virus vendor!) is a very good program to have on hand, it’s very good and I have yet to have any issues with it, however, note that you cannot run MBAR and MBAM at the same time, they conflict and the second will not open. Be sure to run it with all options.

Trend Micro Root kit Buster – This is a very thorough scanner and can throw out a decent number of false positives when checking for everything.

MBAM (Malware Bytes Anti-Malware) – A very good Anti-Virus Scanner, and the only anti-virus scanner I carry with me that has to be installed to use, always make sure it’s up to date and always try to do full scans (because a quick scan is silly in virus removal) This program will cure most of your problems. Dr.

Web CureIt – This program is only free for personal use, it’s a unique scanner and seems to be quite thorough, and I have yet to get any false positives out of this program.

See more Expert virus removal tools in this forum post about Virus removal utilities.

Virus removal help online

Microsoft safety scanner If you are running a Windows operating system you can go to Microsoft and download a scanner.

Major Geeks Forum These major geeks have people in their forum that specialize in removing viruses. If you are tempted to remove the virus yourself then I suggest you go to a forum like this and ask for advice.

See this list of free utilities for virus removal on our forum. These free tools are the best when you need to get rid of a stubborn virus that is just too tough for the average antivirus software. They are not really recommended for the average computer users as removing a virus is a highly skilled job.

Here is a list of free online virus scanners:

Symantec Security Check, Panda ActiveScan, Trend Micro, Kaspersky lab, bitdefender, and there are so many more. There is no guarantee that these free scanners will cure your computer but they might just confirm the fact that you actually have a should not rely on these online scanners as you should already have some virus removal software installed onto your computer. Along with the software securely installed and updated regularly, and following these extra 10 ways to protect your computer from viruses, I guarantee that your computer should be safe.

To prevent all the stress of getting infected in the first place, you really need to make sure that you have some virus removal software installed onto your computer.


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    AVG is definitely my favorite, Kaspersky is OK but Avast just seems too clunky overall. Maybe I’ll give MS Security Essentials a shot though, seeing as you recommend it as #1. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Irvan says

    From the list above I chose Avast but now I am using KIS 2012 since my laptop is often connected to the local network, and from my experience KIS and Norton is very powerful for blocking viruses that spread through the network from another PC.



  3. almir says

    hi mitz….im not that very particular about computers but please help me how can i fix the blackouts in my computer…the only i saw on my computer is the yahoo messenger the rest of it is black…how can i fix it please help..tnx

  4. Top Antivirus Software says

    Microsoft Security essentials is the best antivirus, software available and works with most computers plus it offers real time security with super-fast scans you can’t beat it Microsoft Rocks. software security online security is a must for today computers without any antivirus software your computer system is already compromised. online virus scan, keep the hackers out of you system with top of the range antivirus software for your system.

    • says

      Very true! I am testing it now on a 64bit Laptop and it is going well. I do not see any problems with it at all and will be adding it to this article.

  5. Troy says

    Hello. The top 4 best internet security suites today I consider based on a security suite that is ‘useful’ feature comprehensive, thorough active system protections, no true system slowdowns, least false positives reported, and dependable without issues is after my testing in no order: Norton Internet Security 2011, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, BitDefender Internet Security 2011, and Webroot Internet Security Essentails 2011. Each has their own unique methods of protection, but I found I never had any viruses found in any of them after actively running on my system. Any one of these and you will be happy.

    • says

      I have not tried it…
      I have tried Norton, AVG free and paid, Avast free and paid, Vipre paid, and a few more not even worth mentioning. I stick with Avast.

      If kaspersky wanted me to test their anti-virus I would gladly accept.

      • Doug Pearce says

        i have tried the kaspersky and it also works just as good as avast although it is a little hungry on the memory side unlike avast but it does the job for the novice fine. :)
        Personally i recommend the avast

        • says

          Hey Doug…
          I only tried Avast because you would not shut up about it…I ended up buying 2 copies for my house that covered 6 computers and another copy for my mum and dads house….

          My dad kept getting a virus at least once a month and I would have to fix his computer…Now he has avast..hasn’t had one since! He still finds things to whinge about though!

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    i am your too big fan.i am read your tutorial about xp is very good.i really like it.i am say thanks to you to make this tutorial.if u have other new information about xp then tell me.

    i am used avg antivirus 2011 for it better?it also updates daily.just email me for your response.i will waiting for your reply.

    your big fan

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    There is nothing that can be as stressful as the Trojan virus today to a computer end user. There are many tried and tested tools on how to remove a Trojan virus in the market today. With these tools how to remove a Trojan virus from your computer’ operating system is a do it yourself thing that calls for no particular expertise. Trojans are such a pain in the butt and they can be very malicious. My guide will help you out.

  8. Richard says

    My technician at the store said I have the following virus on my laptop:

    Is this some type of really bad virus?

    • Mitz says

      ATi2evxx.exe is a process related to ATI video driver. I do not think it is a virus, however things can change…maybe they have developed a new virus..??