How to enable and disable the changing of home pages in Internet Explorer

If you find that your Internet Explorer does not let you change your home page settings, here is something you can try On the other hand if you want to stop users from setting homepages in Internet explorer this will also help you.

By default all users are allowed to set their own homepages. However when you go and change settings in the computer group policy, it can block them from doing that. The user will not even be able to sneak around to the control panel and try and enable homepage settings there.

Why would you want to disable the home pages in internet Explorer?

  • To stop spyware from changing your homepage and give you time to remove the culprit.
  • To stop people setting home pages on public computers.
  • To annoy someone

dpedit.msc run box

Here’s how to disable changing home page settings in Internet Explorer

  1. Open the un box by going to the start menu and pressing run
  2. Type in gpedit.msc to get to the computer group policy
  3. The Group policy will open. Press the plus sign next to User Configuration (red number 1)
  4. Then press the plus sign next to Administrative Tools (number 2)
  5. Then make the word Windows Components blue. This will bring a menu up in the right column
  6. Double click on the Internet Explorer folder

Group policy - Internet Explorer home page settings

  1. Scroll down to find disable changing home page settings. Select it by making it blue
  2. Just to the left click on properties which will be a blue link.
  3. Then the disable changing home page settings properties will come up
  4. Choose enabled to stop users from changing any homepages in Internet Explorer
  5. After you choose enable you have to type in the home page box a page that you do want to come up.
  6. To reverse your changes, simply go back through the steps and choose disabled.

disable changing home page settings properties


  • You will not even be able to change the homepages through Internet options in Internet Explorer.
  • In Internet Explorer 7 it came up with a blank page and definitely blocked any way to change the homepage. You can still go to favorites menu or type a URL into the box to go to a site.


  1. Jerin Philip says

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    i had a really hard time figuring out how to change the home page when the registry key correction was not working.. i had almost given up when i came across the steps u have posted….gr8 work..
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      • Tosha says

        Hi! Mitz

        Someone has pulled an office prank on my computer. I clicked on Mozilla Firefox and it is My Computer, I tried to find out who did this no one seems to know. I need to get back into the internet this way and I don’t know how to change it. I even went through accessories to see if I can get on through there and Firefox is on safe mode through there. I need help please!