Change your Display Picture in Windows Live Messenger

If you change your display picture  in Widows Live Chat it will allow people to see what picture represents you. Therefore when you are chatting  they will recognize you by your picture.Your picture will also show up in your friends list when they are viewing who is online.

You can choose to use a photo of you or your dog, an animated picture from the internet, or one of the default pictures that comes with Windows Live Messenger.

How to change your display picture?

This tutorial is based on the latest version of Windows Live Messenger in 2011.

1. Open up windows live messenger.

2. Next to your display name click on the little arrow.

3. Choose personalize from the menu.

See the screen shot below. Click on the picture to enlarge.

4.  Another menu will pop out.

change your display picture

5.  Then go down to Change your picture.

6.  A box should pop up. It should be called Display Pictures

Change your display picture
7. There may not be any of your pictures there so click on browse.

8.  Find a picture you would like and click open down the bottom.

9.  Then click ok.

And now the picture you chose should be your display picture.


  • In your display picture you can show yourself, your family, your pets or just a picture of a flower. You can show anything you want and everyone who is on your list will be able to see it.

What this video on how to change your display picture

This video was made with an earlier version of Windows Live Messenger, however the way to do it is very similar. You still click the small arrow to see the drop down menu.

Did this help to change your display picture in Windows Live Messenger?


  1. rhonda says

    i cannot get my picture to upload for this. i followed the prompt instructions above and there is no area that states change display picture when i click on teh arrow next to my name as instructed

    please adivse
    thank you