Computer Basics Quiz – What do you know about your computer?

This Quiz is for computer newbies as it has some basic questions that every computer user should know.
If you get a score of less than 5 out of 10, it may be a sign that you need to learn a bit more about computer basics.

Good luck with your quiz and above all make sure you have fun! For the answers to appear press on the Show Results button at the end. Do not press on the results button until you have answered all the questions!!! You will not learn anything if you skip ahead and cheat…

QUIZ – What do you know about your computer?

#1.  What is Random access memory (RAM)?

#2.  What is an Operating System?

#3.  What is the easiest way to open a program that is installed on your computer?

#4.  Where should I go to remove a program from my computer?

#5.  What is the best way to shut down a computer?

#6.  What is computer software?

#7.  What is a computer hard drive?

#8.  What is the difference between a file and a folder?

#9.  What happens when you defrag your computer?

#10.  What does downloading mean?