The PC Repair Technician’s Secret Weapon – PowerSuite Golden

A couple screwdrivers, a PC Post Card Tester, a Windows install CD, and a copy of PowerSuite Golden 2012—these are all things no experienced computer repair technicians leaves home without.

The screwdriver and the POST code checker will help you find or fix almost any hardware problem. PowerSuite Golden will help you fix almost any software problem. And you can use the Windows CD with PowerSuite Golden to restore even the most ruined computer.

Why Techs Love PowerSuite Golden

System administrators have turned to SpotMau tools for years. PC Magazine called them a “lifesaver.” That’s because SpotMau focuses on producing tools that help system administrators (or anybody that can point and click) fix computers.

For example, the SpotMau Password Recovery Kit can help you recover passwords to Windows, Outlook (Exchange), Word and Excel documents, and much more.

SpotMau Emergency Kit can help you diagnose and repair problems on a PC that won’t boot or run correctly—you can even use SpotMau Partition Kit to repair or adjust broken partition tables.

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Individually these tools are indeed lifesavers, but PowerSuite Golden is a combination of all of SpotMau’s tools for system administrators. So not only do you get the Password Recovery, Emergency, and Partition kits, but you also get:PC Repair Technician’s Secret Weapon

•     SpotMau PC Health Check

•     SpotMau Tune Up Kit

•     SpotMau Backup Kit

•     SpotMau Recovery Kit

•     SpotMau Privacy Kit

That’s over 100 separate tools all in one package. Buying all of those tools individually from SpotMau would cost a fortune. Looking for free versions on the Web would take forever (even if free versions of everything exist). But now you don’t have to do either of those things—a single purchase and an instant download will boost your productivity immediately.

PowerSuite Golden Optimized For Techs

If you’re a system administrator, you probably know that most tools are optimized for home users or corporate offices. You can buy a license for one computer or 1,000, but there’s no affordable way to legally use the software on every computer you repair.

(And, let’s be honest here—you probably don’t let some license terms stop you from using useful software to fix a client’s computer.)

But SpotMau built PowerSuite Golden for independent system administrators and technicians as well as for office dwellers. You can buy the usual home license or multi-seat corporate license, but you can also buy a special unlimited license for making repairs. (And it’s affordable too.)OT-1B3M

That means, possibly for the first time in your career, you can have at your fingers a completely legal set of high-quality tools for repairing every software problem under the sun (plus hardware problems like failing disks). PowerSuite Golden is the only comprehensive PC repair toolkit I’ve looked at with an unlimited license that works for system administrators. That, I tell myself, is the golden part of PowerSuite Golden.

the most AWESOME Utility Suite that you will EVER use!

How To Get Your Boss To Buy PowerSuite Golden

Those of you not self-employed can probably convince your boss quite easily to pay for PowerSuite Golden 2012. It’s easy—point out how much more productive you’ll be not just at troubleshooting but also at keeping your assigned computers running smoothly.

PowerSuite Golden comes with all of the tools from SpotMau’s PC Health Check and Tune Up kits so you can quickly diagnose problems, fix them, and speed up old computers. It’s true almost nobody in your company calls you except when there’s a problem, but if you use PowerSuite Golden to speed up people’s computers, you can expect to be invited to a lot more company parties.

Also point out to your boss PowerSuite Golden’s great backup and recovery tools. Not only can you backup working computers, but you can create copies of disk drives that are already starting to fail. Point out to your boss that saving even one disk drive of data from a company executive will more than pay for the cost of PowerSuite Golden. (And it may help your boss get a promotion too.)

PowerSuite Golden can even be a “lifesaver” to your IT department with it’s ability to recover lost passwords and lost product keys. Again, finding one lost product key for a full version of Microsoft Office will easily help pay for your copy of PowerSuite Golden. Find 10 lost product keys and you ought to ask for a bonus!

But if you want to really impress your boss, let him know that PowerSuite Golden even includes time management software that will help you be more productive without him having to nag you all the time.

Finally, if none of that works, play your hidden ace: Boeing, one of the largest and most technically advanced companies in the world—that Boeing—gives copies of SpotMau technology to its best technicians to help them get the job done. So does the American Red Cross, the US Air Force, Exxon Mobile, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and numerous other large and smart organizations.

But Why Is It A Secret?

Over 400,000 people have downloaded the software included in PowerSuite Golden, so in some ways it’s not a secret. But don’t tell that to the thousands of technicians who still do things the hard way.

Being a system administrator isn’t like management—you can’t bluff your way through a problem. You have to actually fix it. And the person who fixes problems fastest gets the money or the promotions. (Or just an uninterupted night of sleep.)

Get The Best All-in-one PC Toolkit at $69.95!

SpotMau PowerSuite Golden is your key to success—use it to your advantage, but don’t let your competition know your secret.


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  2. trung tran says

    We have many useful maintenance tools on Windows 7, which can help us a lot. I didn’t have problems with my PC, because I run clean up programs and many other applications regularly. It’s a great OS and I don’t think I’ll change it with other version… it’s my all time favorite 😀 Thank you so much for this article, I’ll follow these steps.

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