How to bring back the Desktop tab when it is missing from the display properties

Sometimes when you right click on your desktop and enter your computers display properties, you may find that the desktop tab is missing. One of the reasons is that this setting may have been disabled. Having the desktop tab in the display properties is important as you can change a number of settings there. For example on the desktop tab you can change the desktop background color, the wallpaper, and also customize the desktop.

desktop tab is missing

Warning: Tampering and changing settings on your computer can cause it to not respond or your computer to crash. If you delete the wrong file you may cause damage to your Windows file system. To continue to follow these steps you must be logged in as an Administrator and proceed at your own risk. .

How to bring back the desktop tab in display properties:

  1. Go to the start menu and choose run from the menu
  2. Then type in gpedit.msc and then press ok
  3. Under the heading of User Configuration click on the plus sign next to Administrative templates
  4. Then press the plus sign next to control panel
  5. Then look for the word Display and select it by making it blue
  6. Details will appear in the right as in the screenshot below
  7. From the list, choose Hide desktop tab by making it blue
  8. Then click on the properties link to the left
  9. Now choose disable
  10. Press Apply and OK.

desktop tab missing1

If you choose to enable then the desktop tab will not show in display properties. Choosing disable lets you see the desktop tab.

Sometimes you cannot get into the Group policy editor and the only way is to alter your registry settings, however I like to use the file below to do it all for me. It restores all of your tabs, including the desktop tab in the display properties.

Huge Time saving tip: If you can get to your desktop properties but some tabs are missing try downloading this file. It is a registry file that restores Your display properties tabs. I found it at a great webpage for Tweaking Windows XP All you have to do is download it and double click on it and this file will do all the work for you.

Also see How to change your Windows XP desktop background/wallpaper when all options are disabled