Computer Troubleshooting

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Diagnostic Tools to Use in Safe Mode People are always told to start their computer in safe mode but what then? See what tools you can use to diagnose problems.

5 Free Must Have Hardware Diagnostic Tools

My program won’t start How annoying it is when you try to start your favorite program and it will not work?

Fixing Hard Drive Errors in Windows 7 What can you do when your computer hard drive has errors in Windows Seven?

5 Ways to Repair a Black Screen in Windows Live Mail 2011 You can sometimes see a black screen come up in windows Live Mail. Here are 5 ways to fix this problem.

Top 10 Computer Troubleshooting tips

DVD movie disc Will not Play on my Computer

Path to clear terminal services cache folder

Bitmap Disk Cache Failure when using remote desktop

Booting Troubleshooting Tips

The PC Repair Technician’s Secret Weapon – PowerSuite Golden

Warning: Dangerous Way System Administrators Use To Fix Failed Hard Disks

The Coroner’s Toolkit–How The FBI Recovers Deleted Files Using Free Software

How to Diagnose and Fix Boot Errors Using POST

Repair Startup Errors in Windows Vista and Seven with Bootrec.exe

Computer will not wake up from power saving mode sleep

Windows Stops Responding When You Run Disk Defragmenter Windows stops responding. It looks likes it is getting stuck on something and will not go any further.

Windows Will Not Boot at all This is when you cannot see the Windows logo or anything to do with Windows on your screen.

Computer Black Screen Computer seems to be running still but it just shows a black screen. Here are some things you can try. Sometimes it is something simple.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor This is an article about a black screen on your computer with a blinking cursor.

Fix boot errors Get yourself a POST diagnostic card and find boot errors with the cards help.

Hard drive How to replace a hard drive. This applies to the IDE hard drives. It shows diagrams and step by step instructions on how to replace a hard drive when your old one dies.

CD/DVD ROM How to install an IDE cd or dvd rom into your computer.

Motherboard Specifications Some information on a few different motherboards

Set Jumper Settings IDE Hard drives and CD ROMs. Sometimes you need to set the jumper pins on the back of the hard drive or a cd rom or dvd rom to set it to master or slave.

Scratched CDs Tips to recover a scratched CD.

Cookies How to Enable and Disable

Show hidden files in Windows

Show Supper hidden files in Windows Vista

Recover a deleted file or folder How do you recover a deleted file?

Data Recovery The Easy And The Hard Way

Can You Recover Deleted Files From the Recycle Bin?

The Coroner’s Toolkit–How The FBI Recovers Deleted Files Using Free Software

5 Ways to Repair a Black Screen in Windows Live Mail 2011

FAT32 and NTFS file system? Which one should I choose?

Recovering files from a crashed hard drive

Windows registry file automatic fixes

How to search for a registry key or subkey in the Windows registry

NTLDR or NTDETECT.COM Not Found or Missing

Desktop Restoring a lost desktop

System32DRIVERSPCI.SYS is either corrupt or missing

Cmd Windows Disappears when you type a command in the run box

How to restore the Run command window when it is missing from the start menu

How to get to regedit and gpedit.msc when there is no run or command window

Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems

Computer Repair Video showing Rip Off repairs on computers

Computer Restarts It loads the Windows logo screen and then restarts

Previous owner registration Delete the details from your laptop or desktop computer

Power button light flashing but the computer won’t boot!

Internet Connection

Display properties options disabled How to restore them

Lost desktop How to restore it.

How to bring back the Desktop tab when it is missing from the display properties

Disk cleanup stops working and will not remove files in Windows

Network printer has problems printing – You do not have permission to use selected printer.

How to make a logfile with Trend Micro’s HijackThis

How to find the product key of Windows or office installed on your computer?

How to know if you have a computer power supply problem

Bios Password Reset or clear a Bios Password

BIOS How to get there and change settings

Format windows XP How to format a computer with Windows XP. People still are using Windows XP and need to know how to format the computer.

Safe mode How to boot to

Safe mode Why do I need it and what is it?

IP address How to find your computer IP address

Change your user password without knowing the password

Computer Name Where is my computer name?

How and why you should use system restore in Windows XP Here are few tips on how to use system restore and what it actually does. If you haven’t used it you should definitely give it a try.

What’s the difference between a virus, spyware, Malware, and adware?

Virus removal software

What is a Virus and how do I know if I have one?

Remote Assistance Connect to your Friends computer to get help

I get an error that says, “not enough server storage is available to process this command.”

Create System Image and Repair Disk in Windows 7


  1. Robert Hood says

    I have a question that I didn’t see covered, I have a desktop PC that continuously resets itself. I tried to do a system restore to a previous date but, that didn’t work. I tried shutting it down, even unplugging it but that doesn’t work, I also tried running a virus scan in safe mode but nothing seems to work and this is a fairly new computer. Please HELP!!