Safely Remove or Delete Programs From Your Computer

New computer users commonly seem to think that to remove a program, you simply dump it in the recycle bin. Well this only gets rid of the desktop shortcut, not the actual program. Even if you go into Program files to the  folder where the program is and delete that, there will always be more files scattered in other places. It is also handy to know what files are safe to delete so you do not go removing the wrong files or programs that your computer needs.

You also might need to remove a program when the program will not start or seems to have a problem.

Delete a Program Entirely From Your Computer

  1. Open Control Panel from the start menu
  2. Double click on Add or Remove Programs
  3. Choose which program you want to uninstall
  4. Press Remove

Free computer help - remove programs

Remove unwanted programs - Free computer help

Here is a video tutorial showing all the details you need to remove a program from Windows XP.

Sometimes you can have trouble removing stubborn programs, especially the ones that make your computer freeze up or slow down.


  • Tick the box that says show updates and the Extra updates will appear. There will be a lot of Windows updates alone. I leave it un-ticked as it is confusing.
  • Sometimes the program is never fully uninstalled as a trace of it is usually still in the registry.
  • Do not uninstall items when you don’t know what they are.
  • You can also see how much space the program takes up. I was shocked to see that Sim 2 has over 500MB