How to Defrag Your Computer Hard Drive

Learning how to defrag your computer is a very important lesson when using a computer. But wait a bit. De-fragmentation is only recommended on a magnetic hard drive as solid state drives do not need to be defragged.

When you install programs onto your computer the files are scattered all over the place in the closest available space. Therefore it is important that we organize the files that were installed into a logical order. When you defrag your computer the files are placed together if they belong together. This makes programs open up faster as everything they need is close by. Defragging your computer also places the most frequently used programs in an easy to access parts of your storage so they will also open faster.

If you have Microsoft windows as your operating system on your computer, it includes a system tool called Disk Defragmenter. This utility examines your files and places them in areas that will enable easy access. This is one of the most popular computer maintenance tips and is definitely included it in my computer maintenance checklist.

How to defrag your computer using the Windows Disk Defragmenter?

  1. Go to the Start Menu in the bottom left and choose all programs
  2. Then Choose Accessories, then System Tools, then Disk Defragmenter
  3. Now you can choose to Analyze your hard drive disk to see if it needs defragging.
  4. If it does need it then press the Defrag button.

When finished, Windows will give you a report.

Below is a Screenshot of my computers Disk Defragmenter. My computer’s hard drive did not need to be defragged as I have already done it this week.

Defrag -  Free computer help

How to de-frag your computer using Windows Vista or Windows 7?

As with Windows XP, both Windows Vista and Windows 7 have the Disk Defragmenter included. You simply need to go to the start menu and press on the link that says all programs.

  • Then you need to find the accessories folder as shown below in the screenshot.
  • In the accessories folder there will be another folder called system tools.

defrag your computer hard drive

See the screen shot below showing the system tools folder and though disk defragmenter contained in there.

How to defrag your computer using a third-party program?

Microsoft Windows provides a free tool to de-frag your computer, however I prefer to use a free program called JK de-frag. I have tested its performance against the free Windows disk defragmenter and I believe that it performs 100% better. This program is no longer supported however I am still using it and it still works great!

I have made a computer maintenance video showing how I use JK de-frag and how to manually maintain your computer.

If you can afford to buy maintenance software I should definitely check out PowerSuite Golden. I have not seen software like this. It actually does absolutely everything!

Should I Defrag my Mac Computer?

Mac OS X uses the filesystem (HFS+) which makes your traditional defragmentation unnecessary. The system automatically tries to keep most files from fragmenting in the first place and the optimization is taken care of by the system. Therefore defragging a Mac may actually slow down your machine rather than speed it up.

All over computer maintenance

I have a plan to maintain and protect 3 computers for one year for under $100. This includes all computer maintenance, and complete internet security. Who has time to keep up with computer maintenance when you are busy working and trying to find time to spend with your family and friends. Getting the right programs to do the job can save you hundreds of dollars in computer repair bills.

Of course if you have time you can definitely perform all this maintenance yourself and all with free programs.

Why should you defrag your computer?

  • The longer you do not defrag your computer the worse it gets, which slows your computer down.
  • When you do defrag your hard drive disk the worse it is, the longer it takes to defrag. Therefore it is better to defrag your computer more often.
  • Also if you have a large hard drive with a lot of information it takes longer to defrag your computer.

You should defrag your computer hard drive at least once a week to keep your system running smoothly and may also help prevent errors.

Install a program to do it all for you automatically!

Many people are still not sure if it is safe to remove files or even move files around with defragging. I understand this so for those people I would recommend software to do the job for them.

A software program will not upgrade your memory but it will clean out all the junk files, defrag your files to speed up your computer, detect Malware, delete unused registry keys, Automatic Driver updates, and more. At the moment I am using PC Matic to maintain everything for me. This software is amazing and has won a number of top awards. You can get a free scan for your computer to see how it works before you buy.

Free PC Matic Scan


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    Hi Mitz,

    This was a good tutorial- easy to follow- and my defrag went well. I do not know if this is related but ever since I defragged my hard drive 2 days ago, I notice that I cannot access my CD drives (D and E; there are 2 of them) They don’t appear on MyPC. I hope I didn’t remove them or something since I use them quite a bit. Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Even though I know all about defragging my comp, i bet theres thousands like me, that just dont do it. I guess im to lazy but I know i should do it once in a while. Good tutorial by the way.