How to Stop A Computer From Overheating

Stop a computer from overheating: Please note: this post has a bit of comedy mixed with danger.

When I recently took a trip with my friend out to the annual Air Supply Fan Club meeting, I noticed she had about 7 jugs of water in his back seat. I thought she either took up marathon running or was bringing hydration for the entire A.S.F.C as there are about 7 of us but when she pulled over her car 15 minutes into the trip to douse her engine, I knew it was going to be a long ride. Much like your car can overheat, your computer gets all out of love as well and there are a few simple ways to answer the question of how to stop a computer from overheating.

The fan inside the system keeps the computer cool and its worst enemy is dust. The best correction of how to stop a computer from overheating is to keep the inside clean. It doesn’t have to be often but a monthly sweep of the inside with a can of compressed air can keep your box running smoothly and more efficiently. It takes skill to open computer cases so do your research for your brand of computer. Not only is dust not an ally but pet hair can creep into the inside as well.

If Chewbacca recently stopped by to check his email and update his blog, you might want to blow off the fans and coolers quickly. Before you go electrocuting yourself by opening up your computer while it is plugged in…you should read this post on How to clean inside your computer safely.

Another step for how to stop a computer from overheating is to put it to sleep when it’s not going to be in use. You don’t have to cry like when they put Old Yeller down, in fact your computer will thank you while it recharges it’s batteries and freshens up it’s monitor. Also, if you’re using a laptop, you can prevent a computer from overheating by purchasing a cooling pad and not using it on a restricting surface like your bed. I also like to remove dust buildup from inside the power supply but that can be a bit dangerous for the inexperienced.

Chewbacca’s blog can be very addicting and the more steps you take to prevent your computer from overheating, the longer you can surf it.

Dust in computer - stop a computer from overheating

Please share your tips on how to stop a computer from overheating.


  1. Michael Lantz says

    I wish I would have found out about overheating issues a couple of weeks ago.I was having problems with my computer on Thanksgiving Day.My computer would shut off,I would get the BSOD and It would freeze upon start up.I took the back off my computer last Wednesday and there was so much dust clogged up in the vents of the sink fan.I cleaned the dust out of my sink fan and it works great ever since.My computer no longer sounds noisy when it runs.I will have to buy some air cans and clean out the dust.That should work.