Clear Internet Browser Cache

If you are needing to clear Internet browser cache you must be experiencing some of the annoying problems that it can cause. Browser cache can make you think you are in a time warp or maybe even going crazy. You might experience a sense of deja vu when browsing the internet as you might be shown cached pages that can serve you yesterdays news. This means that if a website is updated you seriously could be viewing an old version.

I often have to clear internet browser cache as I work on websites and cannot see the updates I have made until I clear the cache.

What is Internet browser cache?

Internet browser cache is really the same as the Temporary Internet Files folder.

It is a collection records form your internet browsing sessions. This includes images, sounds, cookies, webpages,and more. If you inspected these files you would be shocked to see that even a mere favicon from a website you might visit is collected.

Please also checkout what is a cookie and delete website history.

Why is the Internet browser cache stored?

You are probably wondering why the hell we need to store all this junk when browsing the internet? I sometimes think this as well, however if these files were not stored you would definitely slow your internet browsing down. These files are stored in your cache to make web browsing faster. The items stored in the temporary internet folder can be accessed quicker than downloading the same thing over and over. For example certain elements of a website that you visit often will be stored to ensure a smoother experience.Clear Internet Browser Cache

Why do you need to clear internet browser cache?

  • Viewing old versions of websites
  • Your internet browsing is struggling
  • Your cache is full

Clear Internet Browser Cache in Google Chrome

1.  Open Google Chrome.

2.  Go to the right corner and looker for the spanner.

3.  Click on it to see the menu. Choose options from the menu. See the screen shot below.

clear internet browser cache

4.  The Google chrome options will appear. Click on the button that says Clear browsing data.

clear browser cache

5.  A Clear browsing data box will appear.

6.  Tick the boxes that you want to delete.

Your choices include: Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies and other site data, Clear saved passwords, Clear saved form data.

browser cache

Clear Internet Browser Cache in Mozilla Firefox

1.  Open Firefox and go to the tools menu.

2.  From the menu choose Clear recent History. See the screen shot below.

clear browser cache firefox

3. The clear Recent history box will appear.

4.  Tick the box next to cache to clear internet browser cache.

clear browser files Firefox

Here is a video on how to clear browser cache in Firefox.

Clear Internet Browser Cache in Internet Explorer

Here’s how to clear Internet browser cache in Internet Explorer.

1.  Press on the wired thing in the right corner. The menu will appear.

2.  Choose Internet options.

3.  On the General tab, under the browsing history section, press on the delete button.

Clear Internet Browser Cache

4.  Again you can choose what to delete. I always try to not delete my saved passwords as I hate typing them in all the time..I am too lazy to get roboform.

Clear Internet Browser Cache

If I have not covered the instructions for your particular browser, as you can see they are all very similar. Let us know how often you clear internet browser cache?

Deleting temporary internet files is not just about deleting cookies as there are so many files to get rid of.
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Now you know how to clear internet browser cache!


  1. says

    Yes it is also happening to firefox. It is time wasting to clear the recent history. I agree that maxthon is the best. I tried using that to my cousin’s laptop.

  2. says

    I sometimes do some changes on my dad’s website, and it happened a couple of times that I told him I changed it and then he checks it out and complains that I didn’t do anything. Then I have to tell him to press ctrl+F5 on the page and then he can see it. It’s probably more difficult for him to clean his cache.

    I don’t like to clean my cache and history, cuz I don’t experience much problems with it, and I visit a lot of websites by typing a part of the name and then the browser knows what I mean. WIthout that I would probably forget a lot of sites.

  3. Ross Deprey says

    the best web browser is maxthon! just use that..
    i bet you guys never even see it! its the best.. try it out

  4. Matt says

    The best browser for this is Chrome which allows you to clear the cache over a designated amount of time. It also does it completely unlike internet explorer which sometimes leaves stuff in the history list.

    • says

      True… And I think Firefox has some problems in this area also. I am forever having to clear internet files to just get it working again..