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I have spent my entire life giving free computer help to my friends and family and developing this website was a way of not having to repeat myself 100 times when explaining each compute help situation. I class computer help as a situation when a person has a specific problem with their computer because getting computer tips is more like learning about computers because you are interested in the subject.

Who is this computer help for?

The computer help you get always depends on the problem you have. It does not have to be as drastic as a major computer crash as it could be something as simple as not knowing how to do something. People need computer help different reasons and there are so many different levels of knowledge when it comes to computers. If you need to learn about computers then you need to visit our computer basics section.

In this computer help section I’m going to focus on problems that you might have and that you need help with.

Computer help sections

Computer Troubleshooting Tips This section is all about trying to solve problems that are unexpected. Of course we never expect a problem to occur, but with computers there are so many things that can go wrong. These computer troubleshooting tips range from simple errors or problems to the more advanced technical errors. Obviously it is not worth fixing every problem, however this is just a collection of common errors that can occur on a computer.

Computer Maintenance Everyone needs to perform computer maintenance to avoid these problems that can occur. If you ignore computer maintenance then you will be hanging out in the computer troubleshooting section all the time. If you want to avoid problems on your computer make sure you visit the computer maintenance section to get the best computer help when it comes to avoiding disasters.

Computer Upgrade Upgrading your own computer is a common thing that people do now days. I just cannot believe how many people actually get their hands into a computer and pull them apart and rebuild them. I really do not think that TV is had that many do it yourself backyard TV repair men. There must be something special about computers. What do you think?

Computer Security We need computer security more than ever now as the information on our computers is far more delicate today.

Webpage Help Building websites can be difficult when you do not have experience. Even if you are a fully fledged website designer you will still need to know about search engine optimization, grabbing traffic, and many more factors that are involved in building websites.

Where can I get the best computer help?

Of course the best computer help is from this website, however we cannot help everyone, so I’m going to mention some top computer help forums that you might want to visit.

Computer Help: Computer Hope forum

Computer Help: Bleeping computer help forums

By the way guys, I am looking for some computer help myself as the Tips4pc forum needs moderators.