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Dear DIY’er.

Hi guys, my name is Mitz Pantic,

Do you know how much it costs to have a home network setup by a computer IT guy? I shouldn’t have to tell you but it costs hundreds of dollars. In fact, most IT guys won’t even set foot in your house for under $200…

…But who cares, because you do not need anyone’s help. In fact, it’s so darn easy…

You Can Do It Yourself!

You might be asking yourself right now, “How can I do this, even though I’m not a computer geek, or even know someone who is one?”

The beauty of it is you don’t have to be in either category.

Why? Because I have the answer to your problem.

What is the solution?


The Guide to Basic Home Networking

basic networking ebook

What Is This Ebook?

The Guide to Basic Home Networking is a 109-page step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter ebook that shows you how to setup your own home network like not like other networking e-books. Most of them are boring and too technical. You don’t need to be a networking wiz to be able to setup a simple home network.

This is the truth. It is not hard at all, if you follow the right steps. The computer practically sets up the network for you, but the greedy IT guy will charge you at least $500 for doing relatively nothing!

Why pay someone a ton of money, to set up the system, when you can have all the information at your fingertips?

What Will You Learn?

The answer: A lot! Let me explain why. In it, you will learn…

  • You will learn WHAT A NETWORK is and HOW it works.
  • Different NETWORKING DEVICES and what will suit your needs.
  • What COMPUTER NETWORKING DEVICES you need to buy in order to setup a network.
  • What to look for when BUYING A ROUTER the most important device in a network.
  • FIND BASIC NETWORK SETTINGS to help setup your network correctly.
  • How to setup FILE SHARING between your computers on your home network.
  • How to SETUP AND CONFIGURE other network devices including network adapter cards.

That’s just the beginning! Now, since you already know what the Basic Home Networking Program can do for you, let me tell you what’s inside.

What Others Have To Say About the Product?

“K.I.S.S method”

“Thanks so much for this E-book. I bought it to drum a few things into my head. I have setup networks before and always had problems. Your book keeps it simple, and in doing so, I now have no problems with networking. Dwane Calder – Sydney, Australia
“Networking A Windows XP with a Windows Vista Computer”

Windows XP and Vista

” I can’t believe Microsoft made Windows XP and Windows Vista nearly incompatible with very different settings. When I read the section about networking XP and Vista, I immediately networked my old XP machine to my new computer and transferred all my old files over. How cool is that? Thank you so much! Fred Stanzer – UK

“On the edge of networking”

“I had three computers in my house already sharing the internet connection. I thought this was a network but they were not connected to each other and couldn’t communicate with each other. Now by following a few simple steps I can now share files with all computers. I never knew that this was possible'” Kelly Coburn Vic, Australia


I would like to thank Mitz for a well done book on Home Networking. The are other books on the subject but not as easily understood as Mitz’s Book is. I easily set up 3 Computers using Her information alone and saved over $300 which a leading electronics wanted to charge me. My cost was only $100.00 and was well worth it.I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to set-up their Network at home. Thanks Again. John, Dallas, Texas
(A big thank you to all the people who provided a testimonial)

How Much Is it?

That’s a good question. You might find similar ebooks that go for anywhere between $37 to $47. But you won’t invest even half that much with me. For a limited time (next 7 days), you can get your copy of this no-nonsense, e-book for a low, low, investment of $14.95! In all…that’s 60% to 80% off from the other guys.

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I guarantee you will find this e-book unbelievably helpful and easy to understand.

So…what are you waiting for, friend? You have nothing to lose…and everything to gain! Start stetting up your own home network today and kick the IT guy to the curb!

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Mitz Pantic

P.S. I’m offering this ebook for free for limited time because I’m a DIY’er like yourself. Plus, I like to help folks like you save a nice chunk of change…