What to use to Backup your computer files and data

Now days there are a few different ways that you can backup your computer files and data. You can backup your data to a CD or DVD, external hard drive, USB flash drive, print it out, store it on a web server, or even on the internet. Backing up your computer files is a very important part of your computer maintenance.

To backup your computer files, it is a very simple task to perform. It is just a matter of copying your files and pasting them into a folder. Of course Windows comes with its own inbuilt backup software, however it is just as easy to do it manually. Often you do not need to back up everything, just the important files.

  1. Burn your files and data to a CD or DVD This is how most people store their backup files as discs are very cheap to buy and you can have multiple backups. Read how to burn a cd. You can also use a re-writable cd or dvd, and therefore reuse the disc at a later date. What is a cd-rw or dvd-rw.
  2. Copy your files and settings to an External hard drive This is my favourite device to use for file backup. You can fit so much data on an external hard drive, and then you can take it anywhere and easily plug it in. Find out more about an External hard drive.
  3. Use a USB flash drive to temporarily store your data. These devices are very small and cute, therefore making them easy to loose or even wash in the washing machine. You can store up to around 8 gb of data on one flash drive. Smaller USB flash drives are only good to transfer small files from one computer to another.
  4. Print your data to hard copy. If you just wanted to keep a backup of your email addresses, you could print them out and store in a safe place. There is always the chance that a USB or external hard rive may malfunction and loose your data.
  5. Store it on the Web There is plenty of free storage places on the internet but they are usually limited to 2GB free. You could store a backup of your backup (LOL) on the internet as it is usually very safe there. I like to use Live Drive for my online storage.

Data and file backup device

The absolute best way to backup your computer files is to use an external hard drive which simply connects to your computer via a USB cord. There is absolutely no excuse for not having a backup your computer files as an external hard drive is now very cheap to buy. A 2 TB external hard drive is well under $100.