Where Is the Google Analytics Code for My Website

When you are building a WordPress Website from scratch, or any website for that matter, you should definitely include Google Analytics code for keeping track of your statistics. Google Analytics will allow you to track everything you need to know about your website. It is an absolute must for any website or blog.

Now you are probably thinking that finding the Google Analytics code on the Google Analytics website would be very easy, but it is not. The website is very details and if you do not get to Google Analytics code as soon as you sign up then it is quite difficult to find the code after that. There is a tiny little link that you have to look for and the best way to me to explain it is to show you a video on where it is.

When I find the Google Analytics code, where do why paste it?

The Google analytics code for your website is HTML code. If you are using a WordPress website then your theme that you are using could possibly have an area to paste the Analytics code. For example I use the Thesis WordPress theme which gives me a spot to paste the code in without having to go into the actual editor to do so.

Another way to paste the code into a WordPress website is to create a text widget in your WordPress sidebar. The video below will show you how to do this. This will allow your Google analytics code to appear on every page of your website which is really important. Don’t worry about the code showing up on your website, because it will be invisible.

Where is the Google Analytics code for my website – video tutorial


Google Analytics will even tell you stats about the highest paying AdSense keywords, helping you optimize them for the best results. As you know I make money from Google Adsense so this is an important aspect for me. You can also check your website’s bounce rate on Google Analytics.

Please share why you think the Google analytics code is important for your website?


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    It took me ages to find and record my google analytics on my new website. I did it easily on all my blogger blogs, so was surprised when I found it was so difficult on my wordpress site. Anyhow, the important thing is that it’s in now. I just looked at your linked article on finding high earning adsense keywords and realised that my analytics page does not offer this as an option.

    I hope you’ll write an article soon on spam commenting. I’m getting an overwhelming amount of spam in my inbox each day. I now cringe opening my inbox because I know what I’ll see. In blogger the spam collected itself in a folder in the comment section, then you just empty them when you have time. Now I can’t figure out how to make this happen.

    I also have an unrelated question. When you reply to any of my comments, I get it straight to my inbox. Have you written about a plugin that will enable me to do this on my new site as well?

    Finally, it would be great if your on page links open in another window because I get lost sometimes, forgetting where I entered your site as I go from page to page, following your links :-) Thanks.

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      I would recommend Andy Baileys Growmap antispam plugin as well..not sure if it is still available though as it comes with the commentluv premium. Akismet is good too, to an extent…I had hassles too until I got Andys new plugin. I will write an article soon…

      I just sent you a copy of replyme…The plugin I use to reply to people when comments have been answered..

      Also if you wnat to open a link in another tab….When clicking on the link hold the CTRL key in. Also if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, hit the scroll wheel instead of the left click..this should open another tab…Also last way is to right click on the link and choose open in another tab from the menu..

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    Great post as always, Mitz.

    Because this is so cumbersome, many newbies simply don’t bother to sort it out and then it becomes more complicated later on. But it is such a valuable tool to have and forms an integral part of my blog. I’d be lost without it!