What is Search Engine Optimization

If you are asking the question “what is search engine optimization” you must have a website. Well either that or you are wanting to change your profession and become a professional SEO expert. Reading this tutorial will not make you an expert as I am not one myself, however I do have a few years experience in doing my own SEO for my websites.

I am going to explain what search engine optimization in technical terms that hopefully any new website builder could understand. Yes I am going to skip technical details because this will just confuse most people. If you are a bit more experienced in SEO then I suggest you visit my other website or (Lets Build Websites) that has tutorials about blogging and more advanced articles about SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is something you do to your website so the search engines can find you. As I stated earlier, I am not search engine optimization expert, but I can definitely prove that I can get to the top of Google. It has taken me years to finally get it and then decide how to explain these years of learning in a few articles. So here we go.

Search engine optimization can fall into two categories.

1.  Onpage search engine optimization

On page SEO is all about optimizing the content or the article on your website. For example you need to have the right keyword targeted in the first place, then you need to have the right keyword density scattered in the article, and then you need to have related keywords mentioned in the article. It is also recommended that you use the keyword in your title, your URL, your tags and descriptions. I might have missed a few steps here so please forgive me. I actually use SEOpressor to help keep me on track as it rates my articles and tells me whats missing. I still need this even after all these years.

Onpage search engine optimization and  can seem easy but it takes practise as you have to balance SEO with great content for your readers. I also believe that finding the best WordPress theme or website design is very important for SEO. Website navigation and design are part of onpage SEO because your website visitors need to get around your website and find your content.

search engine optimization

2.  Off page search engine optimization

This is all about everything that leads back to your website. Of course it is all centered around the keywords that you chose in the first place. Basically search engine optimization is all about keywords and this is how we choose the anchor text that will link back to our website. This anchor text tells the search engines what our page is about. If you are putting the wrong anchor text out onto the Internet you are telling the search engines the wrong message.

Off page search engine optimization which is SEO backlinking

The key “Ingredient” for Search Engine Optimization

The key ingredient for search engine optimization is researching keywords. You cannot perform search engine optimization without knowing what keywords you are actually targeting.

Ok so now you are asking “what are keywords”? Well lets think of keywords as people searching in Google or any other search engine. The reason I say this is that if people do not search for a keyword, then it is useless in the SEO game. If one person is searching for a keyword then this will not be good for your business if you target that keyword. This is why we have to find keywords that people are searching for. SEO

When we know our keywords then we can build a website targeting this and perform search engine optimization. Choosing the wrong niche or topic is pretty mush the same as choosing the wrong keywords.

Why should you learn search engine optimization?

  1. Search engine optimization specialists cost big dollars! Sometime they share their SEO Advice for hundreds of dollars an hour.
  2.  It is not that hard you know the details of how to perform search engine optimization.

Why do Websites need Search Engine Optimization?

I had a fantastic article and I was getting approximately 5 visits per day to this article. After investing a small amount of time performing search engine optimization for this Post directly, I have turned five visits into nearly 2000 visits per day. This is just for one article on a website. Of course this website has many more articles and I have done promotion for approximately 10 posts only. Can you imagine when I get around to the other 700 posts?

Not all posts are worth performing a total search engine optimization makeover. This depends on how much traffic that particular keyword is limited to. Therefore if you have done your keyword research, in theory you would only write posts that were going to attract a high search volume. This is probably the first step in your SEO campaign.

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What is your opinion about my definition of what is search engine optimization?


  1. says

    Nice refresher Mitz.
    All blogs in the Seo niche have an article about what SEO is. And all of them are different in many ways. Everybody has their own view of what is SEO and what works and what doesn’t. But there are some things overlapping in all of the articles, they are just written in a different order of importance.

    The best thing is to just try what works for you. But take into account what has worked for others as well, because you don’t have to invent the wheel again.

  2. says

    Dude,now google gives more weight to onpage seo,according to my research,as i have found many sites through google which only have 2-3 backlinks,but rank higher than those with 80backlinks,and those sites were professionally onpage optimised!

    • says

      Not too sure about that one.. It really depends on so many factors and I believe everything goes hand in hand.. Off page SEO is useless if you have not done onpage SEO and made the content spectacular. If you are creating backlinks to amazing content with the right keywords it works well. You can make as many backlinks as you like, but if your content is not the best then you are wasting your time.

      Great content also needs less backlinks to rank as the mere fact that people visit the page after searching is a vote for the page being the right result for that keyword.

  3. Jack says

    Hi Mitz,

    They say that SEOs are like the most beautiful girls in a party. Everybody wants to join them :).

    All websites with serious purposes need SEO and there are several seo tools to help starters. SEO Pressor automates a great deal of on-page SEO needs and Keyword tools like Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai make marketers life easier when it comes to keyword research.

    • says

      I agree Jack!! SEO is a beautiful thing when you know how to do it!! I absolutely love it as it is a massive challenge and it is a rare skill at the moment..(well it seems so as people obviously do not use it correctly)..I see websites at a glance doing everything wrong and rarely do I see any doing it right… I still use SEOPressor everyday and it helps me stay on track. I have the other programs but always go back to Google keyword tool… It is just getting better and better and this is exactly where the info comes from anyway.

      • says

        I use Market Samurai also, it is one of th best tools out there, the keyword research module is just awesome. I use it with Google analytics to monitor how key words are performing, how much traffic each keyword brings in and it gives me a clear idea basically of our the website is doing and what to improve on.