5 Tricks To Get A Deal On Cheap Website Hosting

When you are trying to get a deal on cheap website hosting it can be very confusing choosing the right website hosting for your first website. We all know that the cheapest is not always the best but all web hosting companies have deals to uncover. Cheap website hosting can get even cheaper if you use these five simple tricks to get a great deal.

Cheap Website Hosting Trick #1—Ask

It doesn’t get much simpler than this—if you are planing to build a website just call up the toll-free number printed on the cheap website hosting company’s website and ask them if there are any special deals.

The sales staff all know that “special deals” is short for “I’m a savvy customer who won’t buy unless you give me the best price.” And they will give you the best price.

Most companies offer several different promotions at the same time to different customers. The sales staff know about all of these promotions, and they’re willing to give you the price from the best promotion if you only ask for it.

(Often the sales staff gets a small percentage of the sale, and 5% of a half-off coupon is still a lot better than 5% of a non-sale. Or maybe the staff just gets a better chance at a promotion the more customers they sell to. Either way, the people on the sales line want to be your friends. Give them a call today about cheap website hosting.)

Cheap Website Hosting Trick #2—Just What You Need

Cheap Website HostingI was looking through GoDaddy’s list of features a couple weeks ago. They seem to have every feature under the sun. That doesn’t appeal to me.

I want a cheap website hosting company that specializes in what I do. For example, HostGator has fewer features, but more of them are targeted towards WordPress websites.

Whatever it is you do, look for a cheap website hosting company that specializes in those services. Not only are these companies saving money by not working on unrelated services (which saves you money) but they may be more experienced in the software and platforms that you use.

Think of it as using a specialist. I love my primary care doctor, but I wouldn’t want him doing brain surgery on me—he’s not trained for it. I’d want a brain surgeon who does surgery five days a week and has lots of happy—and living—patients.

That’s how I shop for cheap website hosting too. I look for the specialists and check out the websites of their customers. If the websites are thriving, then I know I’ll get the service I need.

Cheap Website Hosting Trick #3—Short The Long

In the stock market, you can bet against a company—it’s called shorting them. Most of the best website hosting companies let you “short” their long-term plans.

The long-term plans are a great deal. You start saving money right away and you lock in a low price for one to three years (or more).

But long-term plans also carry increased risk. What if you discover that you don’t like them after you sign up? That’s where you get to short them.

The best website hosting companies know they provide quality service, so they offer a money-back guarantee on their long-term plans. If you’re not satisfied within 15 days or a month, they’ll give you your money back.

I don’t know about 15 days, but a month certainly gives you enough time to fully test your site and see how their servers perform. If you see any problems, you have a chance to submit a support ticket and potentially lock in your guarantee until the issue is resolved.

You can even get a money-back guarantee period of 45 days from cheap website hosting company HostGator, which I really appreciate.

Cheap Website Hosting Trick #4—The Ad Hack

Have you ever almost bought something on a website but then left? Did you notice that the price dropped when you came back?

This happened to me earlier this year. I went to the website of a British magazine, The Economist. The subscription price for my country wasn’t obvious, so I started clicking through the Subscribe form until I found the price. It was too high for me, so I left.

The next site I visited had an AdSense ad. It was for the same magazine I just left. The price: an introductory offer for half-off the price I had just seen.

Obviously this was another company that rather have business at a reduced rate than no business at all.

There are two variations of this trick. The first is easiest: search for the cheap hosting company you want to use in Google. Open one of the ads for them in a new tab. Then close that tab, open a new tab, and run the same search again. You might see a lower price.

The other method is to fill out their sign-up form up to the payment step. Don’t enter your payment information—just quit the site.

Then look for ads from them—see if the price has changed. If you gave them your email information during a previous sign-up step, check your inbox after a day or two. Savvy cheap website hosting companies want the sale even if it’s at a big discount.

Cheap Website Hosting Trick #5—Google Coupon

This is so simple that maybe it should have been trick number one—search Google for the name of the company plus the word “coupon.” (Idea: do this for everything you buy online.)

Often cheap website hosting companies will give their affiliates special coupons to drive up sales and the affiliates will post these coupons on their blogs.

If you see an expired coupon, click on it anyway. Many companies will honor even their expired coupons as long as the discount rate is reasonable.

But if you find too many expired coupons and they aren’t good, use Google’s advanced search method to look for only pages published in the last few weeks or months. That will give you the most relevant results.

For example I have a coupon code available for Hostgator Web hosting that will give you 25% off your purchase price.

Depending on how much you buy, this could mean you could save anywhere from $50-$100. Here is my coupon code if you are interested. MITZSave25

If you don’t need cheap website hosting today (for example, you already have hosting), you can use this method to find a site that posts coupons in a particular category. Just subscribe to that category in your feed reader and let the coupons come to you.

A Bonus Trick

If you use the tricks in this post to get a better deal on cheap website hosting, the rate you get will probably be labeled as a trial rate.

When that discounted rate expires, use this simple trick: call them up and ask for the discounted rate again. There’s a good chance they’ll give it to you—they know their competitors are always offering discounts and you might switch hosting companies if they don’t cut you a deal.

And if they don’t offer you the deal—start looking again for cheap website hosting.


  1. says

    I am in Australia and I am with Hostgator. Great worldwide service. If you do buy from them try my 25% off coupon code. MITZSave25

  2. Kalpit says

    And I was wasting serious bucks for no reason. Why didn’t I read this article before?

    Better late than never, bookmarked! Let’s save some money now.

  3. Jack says

    Wow, these are awesome – especially the Ad trick. Once I was about to buy a domain name for like $35 but I remembered I saw an Ad of the same company which seemed to be offering a discount. I searched it up and boom, managed to get the same domain for $4 or something…

    By the way Mitz, since we’re already on the topic of hostings, I have a tight budget but I need a multiple C-class IP hosting. Can you suggest me any particular host?? Thanks a lot. :)

    • Jack says

      P.S. The ad technique got me so excited I’ve been using it on many other paid services, like press release submissions. And it works fantastic! 😀

  4. says

    The “just ask” tip is really genius! You can get so much if you just ask.
    I already have hosting for the next 2 years with Hostgator, I used a coupon though. And I am very satisfied. They might not be the very cheapest but their service is impeccable.

  5. says

    Great blog explaning how to get disoount on web hosting.
    I often do google for discount coupons and usually find them. May be also you can wait until a special discount period like “black Friday special” etc…. when many hosting companies offer great discounts.

  6. says

    Hi Mitz, I’ve just found someone who’ll give me a great deal on migrating one of my blogger blogs.
    I’m at hostagator’s site. What do I do? Just register and go from there? I see they already have a coupon on the page. This is a 20% one, but I like your 25 better.

  7. says

    Hey Mitz, great post and some real useful tips in there!

    I did something similar to the Ad Hack. I filled out the form and then just as it was about to go to the payment screen I left the site. Next day I had an email from their customer service saying that they had a new coupon code which gave me 30% off for that day only. I think that as times get tougher financially, businesses are working even harder to get your money.