Make backlinks to your Ebay Auction listing

Making backlinks to your Ebay auction listings is great because it creates traffic to your listing which in turn may convert to sales. Therefore it is in your best interest to get as many links on other sites that point to your Ebay listings.

Also See Listing Links Policy USA ,Listing Links Policy Australia Ebay’s linking policy can change any time and it is always safer to go straight to the source.

There are a few ways to do this, and the main one is to exchange backlinks with other website owners. But I can here you asking, “how do exchange backlinks if I haven’t got a website?” Well you will need some kind of site to put the other website links on. Two easy ones that are available to Ebayers are the Ebay blog and the Ebay about me page.

  • Use keywords in your Ebay About me and Store pages. Auction pages often do not get indexed into the search engines because they do not last long enough. However the Ebay About me page and Your store are permanent fixtures. Therefore you should use keywords, meta tags, etc to make sure these pages get the most exposure possible.
  • Create an editors kit to put on your site or someone else’s.(If you are an affiliate you cannot get commissions for promoting your own auctions.) The links are above in the Ebay affiliate section. There is an editor’s kit on my homepage. It list up to the minute auctions that you can click on and then view.
  • Create a blog or website. There are plenty of free options out there. You can make an Ebay blog which allows you to put a link to anywhere you like on there.
  • Put your Store URL into your email signature: Most email programs like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail give you the option of creating a personalized signature and will automatically attach it to the bottom of every email you send.
  • Post in the online forums: Selling computers? Go to blogs and other discussion forums where they are a topic of discussion and post your thoughts. When you sign off, include a link to your Store. (If it is allowed.)
  • Put your URL on your thank-you note: If you include a thank-you note in your eBay packages — and we recommend that you do — include your URL so happy customers can give you repeat business.
  • Collect opt-in addresses and send out email promotions: Build a mailing list and you can market to the same people over and over again… specials, promotions, cool new products… whatever. Just include a link to your store or auction.
  • Post information about your store in blogs? Find a few quality blogs that attract your target market and post a few messages. You don’t have to make a blatant sales pitch. In fact, you shouldn’t! A blatant pitch will be considered comment spam and is generally frowned upon. Just let people know who you are and where they can find you online.
  • Advertise in a free newspaper in the real world. I use the weekend Shopper in the Courier Mail QLD. They have free ads for anything up to $500. They let you put links to sites in your ad. Check it out!
  • Use a Website Traffic tool. You can use  Linkreferral to get people to your site and to Ebay auctions. It really works and its FREE. I have tried hundreds of other traffic programs but they do not work.

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