How to link to your Website from your auction

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Don’t let all of those potential buyers get away. If you had 62 people view your auction page and there is only one winner, what happened to the other 61? My theory is to keep the auction viewers in your loop

How do you do this you say? The answer is to create an About me Page on Ebay. Buyers want to know about you if they are thinking about buying from an item from you.

An About me Page is also very important when you have your own website as you cannot put a outgoing link on your auction listings. The only links allowed are a manufacturers website that gives more information about the product you are selling. You can also probably get away with a postage prices link that goes to a page on your website.

Things you can include on your About me Page?

  • You can put links to your favorite sites (your website)
  • To let people know who you are
  • Maybe some contact information
  • To state your auction terms and conditions
  • Show a map for pickup location
  • List postage prices

In all of my Ebay auctions I have a very clear link to my About Me Page. I want people to click on it and go there and hopefully then will visit my website.

Trust me it works. Of course you have to have an interesting site. If it can’t keep them amused, have a link back to your Ebay auctions.

This is the path that a visitor to your Ebay auction should take. Ebay listing>About me>website/blog>Then back to Ebay.

Mask your links

Instead of having just a link to my About me Page, I have a few others in disguise. For example if you click on ‘see location map‘ or ‘check out postage prices‘, they all end up at my About me Page.

Also on your about me page mask the links to your website. Offer something free if they go to your website and sign up for your newsletter. People love free stuff.

Another little trick to get people to your website from Ebay is to list your URL in your feedback. For example “Fantastic transaction.. thanks******. Feedback is also kept permanently on the web and therefore will show up in the search engines regularly. I realized this when typing my website name in google.

Also See Listing Links Policy USA ,Listing Links Policy Australia Ebay’s linking can change any time and it is always safer to go straight to the source. There are also some more ideas on how to put links to your website in your Ebay auction listing.


  1. Angela Blakey says

    Excellent advice and tips. Thanks for sharing i used to sell on ebay many moons ago until i evolved into selling information products. Ebay make it hard to take potential customers away from their site but with the tips and tricks you gave life just became that bit easier.