How To Get iTunes On Windows 8 Computers

One of the many frustrating realities about getting a new computer is trying to get comfortable with all the new programs and features. Something that’s especially difficult to master every time you switch computers is how to get all your music tunes on the new device. Case in point on my new computer when I click on Brandy’s “Sitting Up In My Room” MP3 some futuristic program opens up and I have no clue how to pause it or get it off the ‘replay until the end of time’ setting. If you’re like me and all you really want to do is rock out to Brandy while playing Solitaire and drinking brandy, it’s time to explore our options.

Windows 8 Music – Default Program

On my laptop, the default music player is Xbox Music which was new to me. The interface was very unfamiliar and I suppose if I took the time to get comfortable with it, it probably had some nice features. That being said, I’ve used iTunes for years and had mastered every command I personally needed. I didn’t want to ever see this Xbox music program again but if I know Microsoft I’ll get a pretty heavy dose of it for the next 10 – 40 years.

xbox music now playing

 “Um…where the heck did everything go and what is this?”

Putting iTunes On Windows 8 Machine

If you’re like me and have never been let down by iTunes, you need to know how to install it on Windows 8 computer if only to get downloaded songs from your PC onto your iPod.

  • Download iTunes from the Apple web site – The first thing you need to do is get iTunes on your Windows 8 Computer so you can actually run it. The setup file download from Apple is around 86MB so it will take up a some considerable space on your computer.
  • Run The Installer – Now you’ll need to double click on the installer file that just downloaded and a check box will appear. If you’re like me and want audio files to open automatically in iTunes, leave the button checked. The other options are for installing a shortcut on your desktop and automatically downloading updates which are up to you.

Just like that you’ve installed iTunes on Windows 8 operating computers. When you initially open the iTunes program, it will ask you to scan your computer for media and it should locate any songs or videos you have saved on your computer. Likewise when you plug in an iPod via a USB cable, iTunes will automatically recognize it and you’ll be able to easily listen to all your songs on the new computer.

brandy on itunes

  “ITunes has found 983 songs by Brandy on your computer. Would you like to transfer them?”

Changing The Default Media Player Back

In some instances, people don’t want iTunes automatically loading when they double click an audio file but they also don’t want anything to do with Xbox Music either. In order to change the default music player simply find an audio file on your computer and right click on it. A drop down box will appear with the option at the bottom to select the default media player. From here you can select the program that will open all the files of that type or just that particular rocking Brandy song.

So What Is Xbox Music?

In an effort to make Xbox a central entertainment hub for the living room following gaming and streaming movies, Microsoft developed Xbox music in attempt to corner the audio market. It sounds like the app has some big developments coming in the future including being able to search tiles directly within the background and immediately stream selected music as well as play a video. In essence, Xbox Music aims to combine the best features of Pandora, iTunes, and Vevo in one app.

As of now, I’m set on iTunes and am not strictly sold on Xbox Music…although that’s what I said about Brandy’s second album.