Choosing Between A Laptop And A Tablet

A few years ago when colleges started distributing laptops to students, it seemed like a great way for kids to stay connected on the go and the program really looked to have staying power. So goes with technology that before those same freshmen even graduated, a new device looked to take over the market. New tablets are not only a great way to stay connected on the go, they’re increasingly offering all the functionality of a laptop and the way these portable devices are evolving, people are suddenly finding themselves choosing between a laptop and a tablet.

There are a few factors that consumers need to take into account when choosing between a laptop and tablet and here are some of the main sticking points when making this decision.


Students and home consumers alike often find themselves on a strict budget and cost is a big sticking point when choosing between a laptop and a tablet. Laptops are decisively more expensive than a tablet with elaborate ones running in the $500 to $600 dollar range on up. That being said, refurbished laptops can be found on eBay for the same price as a new tablet but without manufacturer warranties. Those new tablets often book for $200 on up with devices such as iPads or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet a little pricier.

Portability And Size

Obviously the laptop is going to be a little harder to lug around as they typically weigh around 7 pounds and are significantly larger. The tablets on the other hand only weigh a little over a pound and can easily fit in purses or front backpack sleeves. Some of the ease of portability also serves as a fault in tablets as the smaller screen size makes it harder to view streaming movies or play online games.


If you’ve ever dropped your smart phone you know how you wait with baited breath to see if you’ll be staring through a cracked screen until your contract is up. The same perils await tablet owners as the devices also have a glass cover. Protectors are available but they often make the tablet bulkier. Of course it’s not recommend to bounce your laptop off the ground either but the larger size makes it harder to knock off the table or drop into a bowl of chicken tortilla soup.

Navigation and Comfort

Most tablets operate on a touch screen and have the ability to attach a stylus pen for a wider range of activities. Also tablet batteries last up to 10 hours and won’t need to be charged as often as a laptop. Also, tablets boot up faster than laptops and can often connect to the Internet quicker than their geezer counterparts the laptop.

Finally…Use – Choosing Between A Laptop And A Tablet

While the aforementioned talking points are important, what ultimately decides the choice between the laptop and tablet is what the device is going to be used for. If you’re a college student or do a lot of word processing, the laptop is the smarter choice because of the conventional typing methods. Also, laptops offer hardcore gamers more processing power, which also benefits those who stream movies often. For those looking to stay connected on the go through social networking or others who want to browse the Internet or watch YouTube videos on their lunch break, tablets are the perfect choice. Tablets are also nice for those who travel a lot as they can watch movies or play Angry Birds on the plane in the comfort of their carry on bag. Essentially, laptops are for fun-ctionality while tablets are more for just fun.

If you can afford it, what most people do is eventually buy both items. Each device offers benefits that the other doesn’t. Sometimes you want to work on a screen play at the local coffee shop on your laptop while other times you just want to take your tablet into the bathroom stall at work to help pass the time until 5 o’clock.


  1. Jeetu says

    I also faced the similar dilemma an year before when I was planning to manage my office work from home. I was so much inclined towards buying a tablet since it was cost effective as well as user friendly but on the other hand, I knew laptop would be a better choice for office work … Finally I ended up buying a laptop.. so I highly agree to your point that the conventional typing method is an edge of the laptops over tablets.. I would recommend college students and office workers to always buy a laptop because though laptops are costly than tablets but they worth the investment