How to attach and send a Youtube video through Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook Express email

It used to be a big thing that we could send photo’s through email, however now everyone wants to send a Youtube video through email as well. It is a great way to say in touch with your family and friends. You can send your own home video’s or even Youtube video’s to your friends through most of the big email servers like Yahoo, Gmail, and even Outlook Express. They usually have a limit to what you can send, however now there are so many free programs that compress your video and make it easy to send through your email.

The attachment limit varies for each Email provider. Yahoo and Gmail are around 25MB limit, but things change so you need to find out what your limit is for yourself.

To send a Youtube video or even your home video clip through email you will need:

  1. You will need to be signed up with Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, or have a private email server that delivers to a program on your computer such as Outlook Express. It is free to sign up with Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.
  2. You will need a Youtube video saved on your computer, or your home video clip and you will need to know where it is saved.
  3. To download a Youtube video or to convert your home video clip to another format you will need Any Video converter. There is a link to download it on the Download Software page.

How to see what size your video is?

When you have either downloaded a video or made your own, all you have to do is go to where the video is on your computer and hover your mouse over it.

send youtube video

Then you can see if you video is within your limit for sending.

Here is a test I did. I converted the same video into different formats to see the size difference. I started with the .avi file that is 32mb.

send youtube video2

What format should you send your Youtube video in through the email?

There is nothing worse than getting a video clip in an email and it doesn’t play because it is some weird compressed video format. I usually stick with .WMV which is compatible with Windows Media player. Most people I know have this program and will be able to watch the video clip without getting error messages.

  • .wmv – format makes the movie watchable in Windows media player
  • .avi – Can be ok to watch in most players but you never know
  • .divx – You can download a free divx player to watch video clips in this format
  • .Mp4 – Makes the movie small enough for an ipod so it should be ok to send through email.

A friend of mine rang me the other day asking why her video would not go through email. She waited four hours for it to send and it still didn’t work. The problem was she had just captured the video onto the computer and then tried to send it. It was in a large un-compressed format. Instead of explaining how to convert the video to a smaller more sendable size I suggested she upload the video to Youtube. Then she simply sent the Youtube URL of the video to the person she was trying to send the video to. They downloaded it with Any Video converter which is located on the Download Software page. My friend then went to Youtube and made the video private so no-one else could view it. Here is an article about converting a movie file or Youtube video to Mp4 for an ipod. This is a small size video and could be sent through email. Unfortunately I did not have time to explain this to my friend.

send Youtube video in email

Can I just send a link to a Youtube video in an email?

Yes you can just send the link to a Youtube video in your email. This is highly recommended if you are sending the email to a person with a slow internet connection. They do not want the wait all day to download their emails because you have sent them a Youtube video clip. The link is the URL or address of the webpage the video is on. If you are using Internet Explorer it is at the top next to the back and forward arrows.

How to download a Youtube video to send through email

If you have seen a video on Youtube that you would like to send to a friend you can see Download and convert Youtube videos to your computer to save. It will show you a program to convert Youtube video and for emailing video I would choose the .wmv format.

How to send a Youtube video through Yahoo email

  1. Sign into your Yahoo email account
  2. Press on New to create a new email
  3. Write in the email recipients address
  4. Press Attach
  5. Select the video that you want from your computer.
  6. Repeat steps if you want to attach more videos. You can send up to 10mb.
  7. Press send

How to send a Youtube Video through Gmail email

  1. Sign into your Gmail email account
  2. Press on Compose email to create a new email in the top left
  3. Write in the email recipients address
  4. Press the Attach link just under the subject linesend youtube video
  5. Select the video that you want from your computer.
  6. Press send

How to send a Youtube video through Outlook Express email

If you are using Outlook express you can simply attach a Youtube video or home video clip to your email the same way you attach a picture or any other file.

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Press on the create mail icon
  3. Go to the insert menu and choose file attachment
  4. Browse your computer for a Youtube movie
  5. Press ok


  • It is very common to send video clips through email now. Most of the time they are funny Youtube videos.


  1. says

    Most videos play in Windows media player but if they do not then you can download a free program called VLC player.

  2. Boyd says

    I would like to send a specific youtube video to my grandchild. The videos that pop up on the side bar are not very nice. How do I send only the one video w/o having the many other choices pop up?