How to use and show all keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007

There is a great little trick that I actually discovered by accident to use keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007. If you press the ALT key when you have a word document open, the shortcut keys appear over the button they apply to. Just try it for yourself. You will see that Alt-F = Office Button, Alt-1 = Save, Alt-2 = Undo, Alt-3 = Redo, Alt-H = Home tab, Alt-N = Insert tab, Alt-P = Page Layout tab, Alt-S = References tab, Alt-M = Mailings tab, Alt-R =Review tab, Alt-V =View tab, Alt-L = Developer tab, and Alt-B = Acrobat tab. You might have different tabs enabled on your Word 2007 however what ever tabs you do have, they will show the keyboard shortcut for it. Below is a screen shot of what you will see.

keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007

This tutorial is also included in the free download: Word 2007 mini course.

How to see the keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007 for the individual tabs?

When you have a tab open, there are more keyboard shortcuts to see if you have used the ALT key to open the tab. For example if you go to the Insert tab by pressing ALT-N only then will you be able to see the extra shortcuts available.

If you click on the Insert tab with your mouse you will not be able to see these individual tab shortcuts. See the screen shot below. To get to this stage this is what I pressed.

  1. I pressed the ALT key only to see what the shortcuts are and to start the process. See above screen shot for the first step.
  2. Then I pressed N only to get to the insert tab.
  3. Now I can see all the shortcuts for the Insert tab. Now if I press a letter listed below it will be like pushing that button.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Word 2007 – How to Insert a Picture

To insert a picture into your word 2007 document simply press these keys on your keyboard in order.

  1. ALT key
  2. N key
  3. P key

Now you will have a dialog box open to browse for the picture to insert to the document. To change to another tab to use its shortcuts simply press ALT. The ALT gets turned on and off.

Also see how to write text on a picture in Word 2007.

How to Add a Border to Your Page Using Keyboard Shortcuts?

To add a border into your word 2007 document simply press these keys on your keyboard in order.

  1. ALT key
  2. P key
  3. Then quickly press the P and then B key.

Then the page border properties will open and you can choose if you want a shadowed border, thin or thick border, or anything to do with borders.

keyboard shortcuts for word 2007

Notes on using keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007:

  • You can experiment with keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007 on an unimportant document.
  • Just remember that to change to a different tab you need to press ALT, then Press ALT again to restart and choose another tab.
  • You will find your own favorite keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007 that will make your life so much easier.

To tell the truth, to remember all the keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007 is a bit difficult as there are so many!


  1. Steven Benefield says

    Mitz, do you know why I cannot assign Alt+B as a shortcut for a style? It says it is a “prefix key” but I cannot find anything about it anywhere on the web.