How to use a custom watermark on different pages in your document

When you add a watermark to a document in Word 2007, by default, it will be added to your entire document. Therefore if you add a watermark to your document it seems that you have no control over where it will appear. Sometimes this is not what you want. Having the words confidential or do not copy spread across a title page or even a contents page does not always look good. In this tutorial I will show you step by step instructions on how to remove a watermark from one page in your document and also how to put a custom watermark on different pages. Once you know how to do this, you will be the one in control of watermarks in your document.

If you do not know how to add a watermark to a Word 2007 document then please see Add a watermark to Word 2007.

The first thing we will need to do is separate the pages with a section break. This way when we add a watermark it will only apply to the pages in the document that belong to a particular section. So in this example I am going to separate the title page and the table of contents pages from the rest of the document and not have a water mark on those first few pages.

How to separate the pages with a section break?

  1. Go to the end of the title page where you want to insert the section break.
  2. The section break will be inserted after or below where you have clicked your cursor on the page.
  3. Then go to the page layout tab.
  4. Press the drop down arrow next to Breaks.
  5. Choose Next Page from under the section breaks heading.

next page breaks - word 2007

  1. To see the section break when you insert it go to the home tab. Press on the Paragraph marks button that shows all the formatting like spaces and sections breaks in the document. See the screenshot below.

show paragraph marks

  1. Now you will be able to see the section break that you have inserted at the bottom of the title page.

section break - remove watermark

  1. Insert another section break at the bottom of the contents page.
  2. The screenshot below shows the section break, the footer of the first title page and the header of the next page.

section break - word 2007

  1. Now that we have inserted section breaks we will want to separate the sections or unlink them. I want to separate the Introduction which is the start of the content, from the title and table of contents pages.
  2. First we need to go to the Introduction page. Double click in the header area of the page to activate this area for formatting. See my screenshot below. It shows a button that says Same as Previous.
  3. If you go to the top menu now. You can see everything has changed and there is a Design tab. If we press on Link to Previous the Same as Previous button will disappear. This will unlink this page and any pages after it from the previous pages.
  4. If I press on Link to Previous again the button will appear again and we will be linking the pages together in the same section again. 
  5. back to the page and get out of the header simply click on the page area.

link to previous - word 2007 page section break

How to remove a watermark from one page in your document?

In this example I am using since I have separated the document into sections I can simply add a water mark to the section section only. Or if I had already added a watermark, then separated the pages into sections, I can still remove the watermark. For example if I wanted to remove the watermark from the title section, simply double click in the header area, click on the watermark and move your cursor until it turns into a cross. Right click your mouse and a menu will appear. Choose cut. This will cut the watermark from this section and leave it in the other. If you try to remove the water the same way you put it there it will be removed from the whole document.

remove watermark

How to put a custom watermark on different pages in your document?

In this example I have linked the title page and the table of contents in the same sections, while the rest of the contents of the book is in another separate section. Therefore when I add a watermark and I want it on the second section I must be on that page, then add the watermark. Then I can go to the title page and click there and then add a different watermark to that page.


  1. Daniel says

    The only way i was able to achieve this is to break the link between sections, like described, and then insert the picture into header, and set it to wrap behind text. Only then i could have a different first page background image, and another background image for the rest of the entire document. Hope this helps.

  2. Spunk says

    Omg, thx a tonnn dude !!! i ws tryin to find it n read many explainations but u did it d best !!! thxxx … Gud Job !!

  3. Diana says

    This method doesn’t work if i want to choose my own custom watermark instead of the predefined ones :(
    It places the watermark on both sections.