How to make a bookmark in a word 2007 document?

A bookmark is a marker in a document that can be linked to. For example you can make a bookmark to jump from one section to another or from page to page in a document.

  1. Go to the insert ribbon tab.
  2. Click on bookmark in the Links section.
  3. A bookmark window will appear.

bookmark in word 2007

  1. Where it says Bookmark name, type the name of your bookmark.
  2. Press the Add button.
  3. Now when you go to link to something in the document, your new bookmark will now be an option.

make a bookmark

How to link to a bookmark in a word 2007 document?

  1. Right click where you want to make your link.
  2. Choose Hyperlink from the menu.
  3. The Insert Hyperlink window will appear. See screenshot below.
  4. In the left side bar press on places in this document.
  5. Now you will see a list of headings, titles, and bookmarks that are available to link to in this document. The book mark you made will be in the list.
  6. When you select something by clicking on it and making it blue, it will also show up in the Text to display section. You can change this text if you like.
  7. See screenshot below.

link to a bookmark