How to link to a heading, title or bookmark in a word 2007 document

When you are writing a long Microsoft word document, sometimes you need to link to parts of the document instead of having to find different sections manually. This allows a reader to jump from one section to another by clicking a link. You might have a table of contents at the beginning of your document and you can make these headings clickable. When you have  a 100 page word 2007 document, this is a handy feature to become acquainted with. It not only helps with navigation, but it also allows readers fast access to sections that are important to them.

How to link to a heading or title in a word 2007 document?

  1. em>Right click where you want to make your link.
  2. Choose Hyperlink from the menu.
  3. The Insert Hyperlink window will appear. See screenshot below.
  4. In the left side bar press on places in this document.
  5. Now you will see a list of headings, titles, and bookmarks that are available to link to in this document.
  6. When you select something by clicking on it and making it blue, it will also show up in the Text to display section. You can change this text if you like.

link to a heading

link to a heading, title

What can you link to in a document?

You can link to headings, titles, and bookmarks in a document. A normal piece of text will not show up in the list of possible words to link to.

Why would you want to link to sections in a word document?

Of course you can probably answer this question yourself because we all know how handy it is to be able to jump from one section to another in a word document.

Watch this Youtube video on how to link to a section in a word document:

This video tutorial shows you how to link to a heading or title in a word 2007 document. It is so easy when you know how.


  1. says

    1 Bookmarks appear on the left side of a PDF document. To view bookmarks, choose Bookmarks or Bookmarks and Page from the View menu, or Show Bookmark from the Window menu (depending on the version of Acrobat you are using).
    2 To create a bookmark, first view the page you’d like to bookmark. For example, if your document has a Table of Contents page, navigate to that page.
    3 Choose New Bookmark from the Document menu. (You can also click the triangle in the upper right of the Bookmark list to display the Bookmarks menu and then choose New Bookmark.)
    4 Click the new untitled bookmark and enter a name for it. (Being obvious is helpful. For example, if you are creating a bookmark for the table of contents, call your bookmark Table of Contents.)
    5 Repeat for each bookmark you want to create.

  2. Katrina says

    Thanks! I found this page and it was clear and easy to understand. I now know how to do another cool thing with Word! :DDDD