Change UPPERCASE text to lowercase in Word 2007

It is annoying when you have text that is not punctuated correctly or is all UPPERCASE or all lowercase. Sometimes you are happily typing along and later realize you have the Caps Lock key pressed on. All your text is in Capital letters and you have typed too many words to redo it. However this is not a problem in Microsoft word 2007 because you can change the text from UPPERCASE to lowercase or vice versa. This feature is also available in Word 97-2003. This is a great tip to remember. You can also download this article  as it is included in my FREE mini word 2007 tutorial.

Change CAPS to lowercase in word

  1. Open Microsoft word 2007.
  2. Open a document in which there is text that you want to change from uppercase to lowercase.
  3. Select the text by making it blue.
  4. Make sure you are on the homepage tab.
  5. Go to the font section and press on the button that has an Aa on it. See the screen shot below.
  6. A menu will appear. This is where you can change your capital letters to lowercase or vice versa.
  7. If your text is uppercase then choose lowercase from the menu. However if you want the start of the sentences to have capital letters choose Sentence case from the menu.

This first screenshot shows the test has been changed to Uppercase in Word 2007.

uppercase to lowercase - free computer tips

What are the different types of case you can change your text to?

You can change the text you select to 5 different cases from the menu. Sentence case, lowercase, uppercase, capitalize each word, and toggle case. If you inspect the way each menu item is written, this shows what the text will look like after choosing that item. For example if you choose lowercase, as shown in the menu, all text will be lowercase. If you choose Sentence case, the start of the sentence will have a capital letter.

The next screenshot shows the uppercase text changed to Sentence case.

uppercase to lowercase - word 2007 tips

The third screenshot shows the text changed to Capitalize each word.

word 2007 uppercase, lowercase

The fourth screenshot shows the text changed to lowercase. You can see the there are no capital letters at the start of the sentences.
lowercase microsoft word 2007 tips

How to convert text from UPPERCASE letters to lowercase in Word 97-2003?

  • Select the text you want to change to lowercase by making it blue.
  • Format menu at the top of the page. Choose Change case.
  • Dialog box will open. Click on the TOGGLE CASE button.
  • Click OK.
  • This will change your text from UPPERCASE to lowercase.

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Keyboard shortcut to change text case:

Simply press SHIFT and F3 to change lowercase to Uppercase.


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    Thanks a bundle! I’m so unfamiliar with Word 2007, I must have overlooked that button ten times as I scoured Word looking for how to do this.