How to Fix the Vista Blue Screen of Death Error

It’s a fact; Windows Vista is still prone to some of the annoyances faced by older versions of Windows. One of the most common issues is the notorious Vista Blue Screen of Death or simply, the BSOD. Everything can be going fine one day and the next you know… you are stuck with a blue screen bearing some incomprehensible computer language. It can be a terribly frustrating experience but don’t panic; this article will provide you with some helpful tips for dealing with the Vista Blue Screen of Death.

Troubleshoot and Resolve…

The best way to troubleshoot the dreaded blue screen is to present yourself with a few questions.You can also get a free PC Performance Scan that might show your error.

Here are some more troubleshooting tips:

Did You Recently Install Any New Software or Hardware?

If you installed a new program or device, it could be the cause of your blue screen error. Why? Well, older systems like XP are still widely used and therefore, some devices are not compatible with Vista. If you installed new hardware such as a printer, digital camera or graphics card, remove it. If it is a new program, try booting your PC in Safe Mode and then uninstall the software.

Is There a Software Conflict?

Conflict between software applications running on a PC is one of the most common causes of the Vista Blue Screen of Death. This is especially the case with security programs such as anti-virus software. For example, if you have Norton anti-virus installed along with a similar security firewall program developed by McAfee, these applications will usually find conflict and your PC is the one to suffer. In most cases, all you have to do is remove one of the programs and your blue screen errors will be long gone.

Extract Core Files

Another common cause of the Vista Blue Screen of Death is the presence of malicious software, usually a virus infection. A virus can infect up to six of the core system files on Windows Vista.

These files include the following:
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When this is the case, these files need to disinfected or replaced with clean versions. You can do this by extracting the files from a service pack disk or using a recovery tool. These methods are recommended because most anti-virus software programs are designed to remove infected items and these files are critical to your operating system.

Analyze the Blue Error Screen Message

When encountering the Vista Blue Screen of Death, one of the first things you need to do is review the message that comes along with the error. If this is a reoccurring problem, disable the “Automatic restart on fatal error” option so the message will be displayed long enough for you to jot down the STOP code details and find out what’s going on. After gathering this information, visit the Microsoft website and see if you can match it up with a patch or update that resolves the problem. Good luck!

Notes on How to Fix the Vista Blue Screen of Death Error:


  1. says

    you can go safe mode to check any registry error or software conflict if your pc start properly in safe mode then it is due to software conflickt

  2. Jackie says

    Hi I am working on an hp vista windows 7. I have a blask screen. i can hear windows boot, but see nothing. I cannot get the bios to appear to check that the order is correct, but I think it is due to the noise and i am not using a disk. Is there a way to recover it? What key do I use to do system recovery. I tried removing the battery and holding power key for 30 seconds and the whole 9. I am at a loss. Any advise???

  3. Kaduri says

    Hello Mitz, I installed Tweetdeck and Samsung NEW PC studio, I believe those are the problems, when I try an uninstall them the BSOD come’s up. Help please? And also I can’t uninstall in safe mode

    • says

      How about if you try to reinstall them…
      Also when you say BSOD do you mean a blue screen and if so..did you get the code from it?

  4. Name says

    When I log on to any user account on my laptop, the bsod appears before I can do anything. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!

  5. SAM says

    One thing is sure that Norton is not the problem.
    But it slows down the PC.The problem is because of RAM.
    I am also having the same problem.But I don’t know how to prevent it.It is also having a ‘beep’ sound.

  6. John says

    1: Replace the RAM

    2: If RAM is good than resintall OS.

    3: If these 2 steps didnt work, replace the harddrive.

  7. Menon says

    My desk top has Vista with 1GB RAM(bought in Aug-2007). Practically every day I have the BSOD. I have not been able to download SP-1 and SP-2. Whenever I try to do download I get msg. ‘Failed’. I have done system restore three times but I still get the problem. I have installed Norton internet security-2010, Norton utilities, Lexmark printer, Nokia OVI, Webroot window washer. Solutions these problem please?

    • says

      Hi Menon
      when you see a blue screen there will be writing in capital letters. You can search this error on the Micosoft website…by the way Norton can be the problem sometimes.

  8. digiwitch555 says

    help I always get BSOD every time I start up. I’ve tried everything you said and I’ve even done a system restore and still I get it, I don’t know what to do anymore! Is there anything else I can try? I can’t even get onto my user without it failing! Thank god I have my laptop!

  9. Mitz says

    What is a beamer? I might call it something else? If it is like a projector then it might be a driver problem?