How to tell if someone is following you back on Twitter?

It sounds a bit weird wanting to know if someone is following you back? Imagine wanting to know this in the real world, you would be going paranoid, and possibly be thinking that you had a stalker following you. But yes it is true, we all want people to follow us, but only on Twitter of course!

If you don’t know what Twitter is by now, where have you been? Twitter has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and has stepped up with the big boys of websites. It has a totally different way of socially networking people from all over the world. You can “tweet” to your followers, in other words let them know exactly what you are doing at that precise moment. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “why would you want to know what anyone was doing?”. Well believe it or not everyone wants to know.

If you followed me on Twitter, you would see tweets about computer tips and others that I have. You would know when a new article is published and any news updates. People are following me because they are interested in learning about computers and the internet.

When you get involved in Twitter and start following some people of your own, some will follow you back and others will not. In my computer world I followed around 400 people that had anything to do with computers because this is who I wanted to network to. But did they follow me back. No. Only around 100 people followed me back so I decided to delete the un-followers. This is your chance to follow me on Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: This Twitter tutorial is slightly out of date as Twitter has changed its website. Here is an updated article on how to see who is following you on Twitter. You still tell if someone is following you by seeing if you can direct message them, however it is just done in a different way. In the first screen shot below, you still need to follow that step. The second screen shot does not apply now as the website has changed. At the bottom of this article I have placed an updated video to show you how to see if someone is following you back on Twitter. This video was made in January 2011.

First you need to who you are following?

Here is a screenshot of my Twitter homepage. It shows clearly that I am following 311 people. To see who they are simply press on the following link below the number. I have circled the number and link below. This will show you who you are following.

following you back on Twitter

How to see if the people your are following are following you back?

Now we want to see who is following back. Next to every name there is a little drop down menu you can press on. See in the screenshot below, there are four items on this menu including Direct message “name of person you are following” There is the clue right there. You cannot direct message a person that is not following you. So this person is obviously following me.

who is following you on twitter

In the screenshot below as you can see I have clicked on the action menu for another person and have found that I cannot direct message them. This means that they are not following me back. If you wish to unfollow that person then choose the Unfollow option from the menu.

who is not following you on twitter

New updated video on how to see if someone is following you back?

In the first part of the video it shows how to find people to follow, which is quite easy now as Twitter is putting them right in front of your face. In the second half of the video it will show how you can see if someone is following you back on Twitter. It is the same way as explained above, but everything just looks different because it is updated.

Notes on how to see if someone is following you back:

  • There is absolutely no harm in leaving people on your follow list that do not follow you back.
  • There are so many interesting people on Twitter, you can’t help but follow them.
  • Here’s another cool tutorial about Twitter: How to remove those annoying Twitter applications.

I hope this tutorial showed clearly how you can see if someone is following you back on Twitter?


  1. Antony Pratap says

    That’s an awesome way to find individual profile to check if they follow you. But there are so many tools now to see a list of non-followers :)

  2. says

    Hey Mitz,

    I searched this topic on Google and I should have known I would find you on the first page:) Thanks for concise details on how to check. I’ve been using twellow, but it seems to be down a lot. This way will do the trick.

  3. Ken says

    Hi Mitz,

    Great sharings. Thank you so much. 😀

    I saw your post in:­l_if_someone_is_follow.htm

    There is an option i found from the new Twitter where we can change to old twitter above the sign out button.

    After changing to the older version, i am able to check who is not following me the way you teach in the website again.

    Thank you once again for the videos and sharing.




      • Ken says

        Hi Mitz,

        I’m still learning, and hope can learn more from you.

        By the way, i find that your video on checking who is following us back, using the new Twitter interface is easier to use as compared with the method that we used to check using the older Twitter interface. However, this is only my preference though, everyone in this blog here are free to choose your way of doing things.

        Wish everyone here happy tweeting, and be blessed with good health and well being.



  4. Angela lewis says

    On new Twitter, evidently if you go to the person’s profile and if there is a Message button on it they are following you, because you can message them. If there is no Message button, they are not following you.

  5. Angela lewis says

    Correct fellower commenters, it no longer works on new Twitter – anybody got hints on how to accomplish this in ‘new’ Twitter?

  6. GillyJones says

    I have really found your ‘direct message’ method the best for quickly seeing if someone is following you back. But I don’t hink it’s possible with the ‘New Twitter’ as you cannot access ‘actions’ drop down menu, only ‘lists’. Is that correct?

    • says

      Hi there
      Twitter has changed a lot since then..Check out the new video I have added in about how to see who is following you back on Twitter!!