Free Wallpaper Desktop Backgrounds for Windows Vista and XP

Wallpaper: The monitor pattern or picture or other graphic representation that forms the desktop backgrounds onto which all the icons, menus and other elements of the operating system are displayed. Taken from the computer terms section.

It is nice to have a change from the same old boring desktop backgrounds of Windows Xp and Windows Vista. Even though they both come with some great pictures for the desktop backgrounds it is still fun to personalize the look of your computer wallpaper yourself. However I do have to warn you that putting a fantastic looking picture on your desktop as wallpaper can slow some older computers down.

How to save these wallpapers to your desktop backgrounds on your computer:

  1. Click on a picture you like from below
  2. The wallpaper will open in a window by itself
  3. Right click your mouse on the wallpaper and choose save picture as..
  4. Now choose where you want your picture saved
  5. You can also right click on the wallpaper and choose set as background however I like to save it first
  6. When you change your desktop background wallpaper you can browse for the file that you saved

I have collected some nice desktop backgrounds from the internet, all from free desktop wallpaper websites. If there isn’t any wallpaper that you like you can easily search for free wallpapers in Google search.

destop backgroundsFree desktop wallpaperdesktop backgrounds

desktop wallpaper Windows Vistafree black desktop wallpaper Windows Vistadesktop wallpaper Windows Vista or XP

free desktop wallpaper Windows Vistadesktop backgroundsdesktop backgrounds

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flower wallpaper

free flower desktop wallpaperfree flower desktop wallpaper

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free flower desktop wallpaperfree flower desktop wallpaper

free nature desktop wallpaperfree nature desktop wallpaperfree nature desktop wallpaper

free nature desktop wallpaperfree nature desktop wallpaperfree nature desktop wallpaper

free desktop wallpaperfree desktop wallpaper

Vista wallpaper

desktop backgroundsdesktop backgroundsdesktop backgrounds

desktop backgroundsdesktop backgrounds

How to change your desktop backgrounds wallpaper:

  1. Right click on your desktop (the big blank space)
  2. Choose properties from the menu
  3. Go to the desktop tab
  4. Press browse to choose a wallpaper that you have saved on your computer.
  5. Press apply and then OK

Notes on free desktop backgrounds and wallpapers:

  • Some of the last few wallpapers have been made up of lots of smaller pictures and may have to be tiled instead of stretch to the desktop. The setting for this is there where you also change the desktop wallpaper in the display properties.
  • These desktop backgrounds or wallpapers are too good to be covered with ugly icons. To remove icons from your desktop so you can just see the wallpaper, you can right click on the desktop and choose arrange icons by and then choose show desktop icons. On Vista when you right click, choose view, and then show desktop icons.
  • It is better to save a wallpaper to your computer and then set it as a desktop background. Your wallpaper may not stay on your desktop if it is not saved on your computer.
  • Also if you believe that one of these wallpaper backgrounds are your property and are not meant to be free then please contact us and we will remove it ASAP.

See this video on how to get these free wallpapers and save them to your computer

More desktop backgrounds page two, desktop backgrounds page three.

Please enjoy these desktop backgrounds and remember that they can slow your computer down.