How to use data from a table to create a graph chart in excel

If you have a presentation or a project to do, creating a graph chart from your collected data can make your work look extremely professional. Just say you have some figures in a Excel table and you want to present it more clearly or make them visually eye catching. This is when you need to insert or create a graph by using the data from that table. A graph not only looks better and is more presentable, but it also helps others process the data easily. A bar graph is the most common graph chart to use, and therefore we will use this one in our example.

You can make a basic spreadsheet to convert to a graph.

Here is a quick example of a table containing data. See the screen shot below. Now I will show you how to make this data look great by creating a graph.

How to use your table data to make a graph chart in Excel?

  • Open Excel. Create a table with data or open an existing file.
  • Then select it all by holding and dragging your mouse over the table. See the screenshot below.

  • Next go to too the top of the excel window and along the top there are the headings ‘Home’, ‘Insert’, ‘Page Layout’, ‘Formulas’, ‘Data’, ‘Review’ and ‘View’.
  • Click on Insert tab
  • Now click on the type of graph you would like to insert. (E.g. Bar graph, Column graph, Pie graph and Line graph) See the screenshot below.

  • Once you have selected the type of graph it will appear next to your data. See the screenshot below. Now you have a new graph chart that shows your data from the table.

There is no denying that this data from the table looks better in a graph chart layout. Tables are boring!

How to customize a graph chart in Excel 2007?

  • If you right click on the whole graph.
  • A menu will appear.
  • Select Format Chart Area from the menu. It is a link on the bottom of the menu. See the screenshot below.

  • The Format Chart Area Window will appear.
  • Then you can change the colours and headings to your preferences. See the screenshot below.

How many graph charts are available in Excel 2007?

There are too many graph charts to mention them all, however you can see them for yourself.

  1. Go to the insert menu tab or ribbon.
  2. Choose Other Charts from the menu. See screenshot below.
  3. A drop down menu will appear. Choose the link that says chart types at the bottom.

  1. The following Window will appear with all the graph chart types available. See the screenshot below.

Excel can be a difficult program to master. If you are interested in learning more see this Excel video training course. They make everything look so easy!