Put a html link to a website or image in your Ebay auction listing

Previously I have written an article that explained where to put links to your Website on Ebay. It also included a few tactics to try and get the visitors to actually click on the link. However this article and video is different because it will show you how to actually write the html for the link in your Ebay auction.

Now obviously in order to post a link into an Ebay auction you will need to be registered as an Ebay seller. Here’s a handy page –  Learn how to sell on Ebay

Of course I will presume that if you are reading this article then you are already an Ebay seller.

How to put a html link to a website into your Ebay auction listing?

  1. The first thing we need to do is list an item for sale. Sign into your Ebay account.
  2. Go to the menu at the top right corner.
  3. Hover over the word Sell, then choose start selling now.

html link in ebay listing

  1. Go through the process of setting your categories and title.
  2. When you get the the section where it says Describe the item you’re selling, stop there. See the screenshot below.
  3. See how there is a Standard tab and a HTML tab.
  4. To add a link into this Ebay auction listing we will need to go to the HTML tab.
  5. The Blue cross is where you enter the text for the link.

  • See below I have inserted a link to this website, in the HTML section. When I press the Standard Tab it will show me what my link looks like.

How to insert an image that is also a link into your Ebay auction?

If you want to insert an image or extra picture into your Ebay auction listing in the description section you can follow the steps above. However when it comes to writing the HTML link it will be different from just a normal link.

What will I need to make an image link in my Ebay Auction?

  1. You will need to know the URL of the image or picture you want to put into your auction description. How to find the url of an image or picture on the internet?
  2. You will also need to know the URL of where you want the image to link to.

In this case my URL to the image is http://www.tips4pc.com/images/Untitled-1.gif

And my URL link is http://www.tips4pc.com

So in the HTML section in the EBay description section I am going to type the following:

<a href=”http://www.tips4pc.com“><img src=”http://www.tips4pc.com/images/Untitled-1.gif“></a>

This will put my image in my Ebay listing and link it to the website. It will use the original image size because I have not specified it.


  1. Marc Dunker says

    Great article Mitz! Adding links will help me a great deal!

    I’ve discovered a way to do this using a keyboard shortcut. I haven’t tried this in any other browser other than IE 11, however.

    1. Type out the text of your link and select it.
    2. Hit “ctrl+K” on your keyboard. (cmd+k for Mac) An insert hyperlink dialog box pops up.
    3. Paste your URL in the URL box and hit ok.
    4. That’s it!

  2. Pat says


    I have been following your methods of putting in a link to other items to Ebay desription, however they don’t work. I’m not getting an image when I go back to standard view, I’m only getting a small envelope with a hill init. I’ve tried doing it on different computers and browsers, but every time that envelope pops up which is really annoying. Hope you’ve got a solution for me.


    • says

      I am not sure why it does not work? Is there still a html section when posting an auction? I have not done it for a long time now…

  3. Jack Dolton says

    Thank you! Great article! It really annoys me that ebay is charging for every picture you want to place in your auction. But this is a great way to save some money! Since I don’t have my own website, I discovered pixboat.com in the process. Free image hosting. I now use it for all my auctions.
    And the best part is that it doesn’t cost me a cent :-)
    I really hope that there will be an Ebay alternative available one day…
    Cheers Jack

  4. Marc says


    I have followed your instructions to the letter but nothing is displaying in the preview.

    Is there anything obvious I should be looking out for?


      • says

        Hi, thanks for the quick response.

        This is the code I am using in the HTML tab

        I did have the full image URL but I am currently using an iPad.

        Thanks again

  5. eguru says

    Great advice! I have inserted my own html to list pictures using photobucket, but did not now how to insert links to websites. Thanks for the info. Glad to see people putting useful information like this, especially using pictures and video’s to explain. It must have taken you a while to put it together. Credit due also to your effort in sharing this for free.