Lose Watchers on Ebay – 3 ways to keep them

When placing your prized 8-track collection on eBay, the results could vary from a thousand dollars to the more likely one-cent. Much to your surprise when you log on in the morning, 8 people are watching your item. As you go about your day with an extra kick in your step, you can’t wait to see how much your sound boxes have fetched. Unfortunately when you get home, all 8 watchers are gone and you’ve managed to lose watchers on eBay. There could have been a competitive 8-track distributor that undercut you or a number of other reasons that would cause you to lose watchers on eBay.

When an eBay item receives watchers, they are usually lurkers that have temporarily found interest in your product. Reasons that cause you to lose watchers on eBay could be that people have found similar products for less or simply weren’t seriously interested in the first place.

In order to ensure that you don’t lose watchers on eBay, make sure you have a complete and understandable product description. Let the bidder know exactly what they are attempting to win including product color, size, wear and virtually every other detail you can provide, no matter how small.
It is also imperative to provide a photo with the product description. Many bidders won’t waste the time to click on the listing if a clear photo is not provided.

The third step in making sure you don’t lose watchers on eBay is to check your shipping rates. If a bidder is thrilled with the sticker shock of your price only to see it is another $20 to ship, they may quickly lose interest.

Patience is also a key, as the right bidder will eventually find your product. If not you’ll always have a sweet Foghat 8-track to rock away your tears.

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