How many photos or pictures can my digital camera memory storage card hold?

This is a good question! Even though the digital camera memory card may be a certain size, it can hold a different amount of images or photos, depending on which camera the card is in. This is because the pictures that a digital camera takes is determined by the quality limit of the camera itself. For example you may have a 3 megapixel camera and a 6 megapixel camera with the same size memory storage card but the 6 mega pixel camera will hold far less photos as the pictures are of a higher quality.

The amount of pictures that a digital camera memory card will hold can also depend on the brand of camera. Its like going clothes shopping. The jeans may say they are size 12 in Target, but a size 12 in other stores is at least a 14. You can do an experiment of your own to see how many photos a particular camera storage card will hold.

I personally have a Kodak easyshare c643 with a 2gb sd storage memory card and can easily tell you how many photos it will hold for each of the different Megapixels it allows me to use.

This particular digital camera is a 6.1 megapixel camera, however when you reduce the quality to save more pictures to your cameras memory card, you can go as low as 1.9 Megapixels. Some of the older cameras don’t let you choose the actual Megapixels of a picture, they just let you choose something like high, medium, or low quality photos.

With my Kodak digital camera you just go to the settings menu to change between megapixels. There is also a number that comes up when the camera is ready to take pictures that tells you how many more photos you can fit onto your storage card.

When I changed the settings on my camera, the amount of pictures or photos I could store changed. Here’s the results:

  • 6.1 megapixels = approx 1500 photos with a 2 GB storage memory card
  • 5.4 megapixels = approx 1700 photos with a 2 GB storage memory card
  • 4 megapixels = approx 2300 photos with a 2 GB storage memory card
  • 1.9 megapixels = approx 3635 photos with a 2 GB storage memory card
  • 70 minutes of video at 640×480 with a 2 GB storage memory card
  • 240 minutes of video at 320×240 with a 2 GB storage memory card

You can buy a removable memory card as large as 4GB or maybe even 8GB however you must be sure that your digital camera is compatible with storage cards that large. These storage memory cards can hold endless amounts of photos and video footage, and their prices are dropping everyday.

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