Convert A movie video to mp4 to play on your ipod touch

It seems like Ipod’s  have taken over the gadget world, and when you see one and compare it to other similar devices you will see why. They are amazing and are a mini entertainment center all on their own. They not only are a mini computer, play music, browse the internet, and send emails, but you can also watch a movie on them. Most of the Ipods available now have enough memory to hold any number of movies. However before you load a movie onto your Ipod Touch you need to convert the video to a compatible format which in this case is Mp4.

To Convert a movie video to mp4 you will need:

  1. A movie or video clip that you want to convert that is already stored on your computer. If you do not have one see how to Download and convert Youtube videos to your computer to save.
  2. You will need to download a free program called Any Video Converter.
  3. And obviously you will need an Ipod Touch, Ipod, Iphone, or some other compatible Mp4 player to play the movie on.

How to convert a movie video to Mp4 to watch on your Ipod Touch

It is east to convert a movie clip, music video clip, or even a full video movie, however it is your responsibility to research your countries copyright laws. Some countries do not even let you copy a dvd movie that you have purchased in the shop. Even for videos off Youtube, they are not free, you must ask the original owner of the video to be able to copy it. Having mentioned all that, lets convert a video movie to Mp4 to play on your Ipod Touch.

  1. After downloading and installing Any Video Converter, Open the program.
  2. Press and the Add Video Button.
  3. Choose a video from your computer. It could be an .avi, .mpg, or even a .wmv.


  1. Now go over to the right of the screen to the Profile, which means, what format you want to convert to.
  2. Press on the drop down arrow to see the choices available. See the screenshot below.
  3. Choose Customized MP4 Movie (*.mp4) from the list.

convert movie to mp4 for ipod touch

  1. Once you have loaded your movie video into the program, chosen to convert to Mp4, now check the movie has a tick in the box next to it.
  2. At this point you can add more than one video to the list if you want to convert them all to Mp4. If you do not want to convert some of them then simply do not tick the box.
  3. Now you have a movie that is ticked, press on convert button.

convert to mp4

  1. You movie will now be converted to MP4.
  2. To find the finished product simple press on the top file menu, then choose Open output folder. This will take you to your finished Mp4 movie.

Any video converter to mp4 - ipod

If you need any further information please see this video on how to convert video to play on your ipod.