How to stop windows from auto arranging photos in the pictures folder?

Question: I have photos in a particular order in one folder in order to upload to a video site. When I open the folder, they have been rearranged in alphabetical order. How do I change that? How do I tell it to leave them in the order I have them?

This is very annoying. You can spend hours organizing your files and photos in nice folders, all in order, and easy to find. However when you return Windows has rearranged all the files and folders for you. One way to stop this from happening is to disable the auto arrange.

auto arrange

How to disable the auto arrange feature in Windows Vista?

  1. Open your pictures folder.
  2. Go to the menu at the top and choose View. If you cannot see this menu click on the ALT key to see it.
  3. Then another drop down menu will appear. Look for Auto arrange.
  4. Untick Auto arrange to stop Windows from auto arranging your files and folders.

See the screen shot above to see what I mean. Hope that helps!.


  1. Jeff Wray says

    It doesn’t do that,if you unclick the auto arrange section.When you open your photographs the picture get unarrange. I had to set the computer back 1 day to get my photographs back to where I had them.I use to be able to arrange them in any order I wanted,not when ever you download is set and trying to re arrange makes no difference. I’m thinking virus is on the computer which I’m going to have clean come tax season.