How to Know if You Have a Computer Power Supply Problem

A computer power supply is one of the hardest working components in your computer. It supplies power to the entire computer system. When you have problems with the computer power supply, luckily most of the time it is obvious because there will be no power to your computer. Unfortunately sometimes problems can occur with the computer even though the power seems to be still running.

Here are some of the obvious computer power supply problems:

  • There is a on off switch on that back of your power supply. Check to see if this is on. If you are plugged into a socket, this switch also has to be in the on position for a computer power supply to work.
  • If there is another small red switch on the back of the power supply, make sure it is on the correct voltage for your country. In Australia we choose 220v and not 110v. If you try to start your computer with the switch set to 220V in a country using 110V, your computer will not power up. You can change this voltage and then try again. It should work then. If you try to start a computer when switched to 110V in a 220V country, you will probably blow a fuse in the supply or maybe damage other components in your computer.
  • Has someone been working on the inside of your computer case. Maybe the computer power supply is not even connected to the mother board. So even though you have plugged the computer in you will not hear the computer running because it is not connected to it.
  • Can you smell something burning or even see smoke. This is a sure sign that the computer power supply has blown up. Especially if you here a big bang and maybe it cuts the power in your house. Unplug the computer as it could damage other components.
  • Your computer won’t start and you see a flashing power light on the front of your computer.

Computer power supplies prices

Of course all technology is always getting cheaper, however a power supply can still be expensive when buying it by itself. If you buy a computer case with a power supply included it always works out cheaper. Prices vary depending on what rating you are looking for.

What to look for when buying a computer power supply?

You should replace your computer power supply with a similar one you have removed from the computer. If you have taken a 600W power supply from your computer then rep

computer power supply

lace it with the same. Do not put a lesser wattage into your computer. The absolute best thing to do is take the old power supply to the shop when you are buying a new one. This way you can make sure you get enough power connections coming from the power supply. Also sometimes you will need sata power connections whilst others have the older type.

What is a computer power supplies rating?

This is a rating that shows how powerful the computer supply is. If you have a 600w power supply that is its rating. To calculate what your computer power supply rating your pc needs check out the Power Supply Calculator.

Should you buy the best computer power supply or the cheapest? 

When choosing the right computer power supply the same old rule for everything you buy applies,  you get is what you pay for. I have seen computers work faster and more efficient with a higher rated power supply. Don’t get me wrong though, because you can get a cheap power supply that is a good quality one at a bargain price. The power supply is the most important part of your computer as it is running the entire system. You can have all the super parts inside your computer but if you do not have the right power supply to run it then you are wasting your time and money.