Two Ways To Run Windows From Within Linux

Run Windows From Within Linux using VirtualBox Virtualization

No matter how much we love Linux, we all must run Windows and Windows applications sometimes--so here are two easy ways to run Windows from within Linux.Run Windows From Within Linux Using Full Virtualization The most common and most reliable way to run Windows from within Linux is using full … [Continue reading]

Get Help: How To Make A Linux Bug Report

Linux Bug Report software

Writing a Linux bug report is usually the quickest way to get your problems fixed and, as a bonus, it also helps save every other Linux user from experiencing the same bug you encountered. Here’s how you can discover what’s wrong with Linux and write a bug report to help get it fixed.Linux … [Continue reading]

Authorize Revive Old Posts Plugin Facebook App

Facebook app Revive Old Post Plugin

Revive Old Posts WordPress plugin, formally known as Tweet Old Posts, is an awesome addition to your Social Media campaign for a website. This WordPress plugin will Tweet or post on Facebook for you at regular intervals, without you having to actually do anything.Setting up Revive Old Posts … [Continue reading]

Virus Removal Software

Virus Removal Software for the average PC user. Updated 2015.The word 'virus' is the most talked about word in the computer world, along with it's partner, 'spyware'. They are both equally disliked by every computer user, especially if you are unlucky enough to have one. Even if your computer … [Continue reading]

9 Tips To Save Internet Bandwidth Usage

network connection status

If you have a limited amount of Internet bandwidth a month, maybe because you’re on a mobile data plan, learning to save internet bandwidth usage can be quite difficult. So many websites and apps today are designed to use as much data as possible—from HD videos to even web-based spreadsheets. The … [Continue reading]

How To Build Your Own External Hard Drive Step By Step

Build external hard drive

Building your own external hard drive is easy, and it allows you to choose all of your own parts, giving you control over capacity (disk space), interfaces (such as USB3 or eSATA), size, power requirements, and case styling. We’ll break the steps into three categories: choosing your requirements, … [Continue reading]