See What’s Draining iPad Battery Life?

save battery life see usage

It is nothing but frustrating when one minute you have a 100% charged iPad battery and the next minute you have nothing. Those low battery warning messages can really make you angry when you know that the battery usually lasts a lot longer than it has.There are many tweaks and settings to change … [Continue reading]

How To Get Dropbox on Linux

Dropbox on Linux

Whole families and offices now share files with each other using the free Dropbox service, and now you can join the fun by installing Dropbox on Linux.Dropbox on Linux: The Official WayAccording to the official website as I write this article, Dropbox is only officially … [Continue reading]

The 5 Best Linux Games

Best Linux Games Including ArmagetronAD

The best Linux games cover all of the bases, from text mode to 3-D first-person shooters. Most games are family-friendly, support network multi-player mode, and can be installed instantly on all popular Linux distributions. They’re also all free—so you can enjoy the best Linux games without paying … [Continue reading]

Email Archiving For Safety and Legal Compliance

Email Archiving Can Save You Trouble Later

Whether for safety or legal compliance every business should use email archiving to keep copies of their old email. It doesn’t matter whether the business has 500 employees in a corporate office or just 1 person working at home part time, if email is important to your business, email archiving is … [Continue reading]

Save iPad Battery Life – 7 Easy Tips

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If you love your iPad and use it 24 hours a day, you'll want your iPad battery to last as long as it possibly can. Small tweaks on your iPad settings can definitely save a few hours of battery life and keep you playing or working longer on your iPad. There is nothing worse than seeing a low battery … [Continue reading]

The Secret Hidden Interface To Fix Linux Printer Problems

Linux printer problems can be fixed in CUPS

Linux printer problems are some of the hardest to troubleshoot. The printer either gives you no error or something meaningless like “L32: Paper Jam” when there’s no paper jam. On the other hand, Linux just likes to say, “Printer Error: Printer Paused”. How do you fix these intractable problems? It … [Continue reading]

10 Uncommon Basic Computer User Tips

top 10 computer tips

There are thousands of basic computer tips on this website alone, however in this article I am going to narrow it down to only the top 10 tips. These computer tips will be extremely handy as simple mistakes can cost money and cause the loss of important data. #1. Basic Computer Tips - Shut Down The … [Continue reading]