Computer Quiz Questions About Your Laptop

computer tips and tricks quiz

What do you know about your laptop? For example "If your laptop’s wireless suddenly stops working even though other people can connect to the local wireless network, what’s a good place to start looking for the problem?" This is one of the most popular and most simple problems that people run into … [Continue reading]

How To Reset Or Change A Password On Linux

Change A Password On Linux

The steps to change a password on Linux can be simple—or they can be quite tricky. It all depends on details of your situation. But whether you just need to change a password in GNOME or you need to reset the password from Linux’s emergency command line, you’ll find all of the steps in this … [Continue reading]

Find Files Faster

Find files faster

A few simple tricks will let you find files faster on Windows. All you need to know is how the Windows file finding system works so that you can optimize your searches.Find Files Faster Using The Advanced Search Box Windows includes several ways to find files, including tools to let you find … [Continue reading]

Computer Devices And Components Quiz

computer tips and tricks quiz

This computer is basically about wires, cables, devices and connections. Some of these question might be very easy and obvious while other might try to trick you. Good luck with the quiz.If you like this quiz then make sure you check out the entire collection of quizzes. … [Continue reading]