How To Open Device Manager in Windows


Device manager in Windows not only lists all the hardware devices connected to your computer, it can also be a handy diagnostic tool to use when troubleshooting a device problem. For example your sound on your computer might not be working and device manager is definitely a tool to help.You … [Continue reading]

Remove Programs From Startup in Windows

manage startup programs

Programs that are running on your computer, especially ones that run every time you start your computer, really can slow your computer down. It is even worse when you start your computer and can see the desktop, but your computer is too busy to let you actually perform any tasks, so you must … [Continue reading]

How To Find Hidden Programs Running In The Background

You know there are hidden programs running in the background on your computer but you can't see them. There is no icon in the task bar showing that they are running so where are they?The more programs you have running on your computer at the same time, hidden or not, the more likely it is that … [Continue reading]

How To Open Windows Services [services.msc]

open services in windows

You may find that one day, you will need to know how to open Windows services. For example you might face a problem with your sound on your system and after checking all the basic settings, checking to see if the Windows Audio Service is actually started is the last resort.This article shows … [Continue reading]