Change Computer Owner Name In Windows


When you buy a┬ásecond-hand┬álaptop or desktop computer it is really annoying when you see the previous owners name on your computer. Because of the Windows registration details, their name pops up in places where it shouldn't be. You might be trying to fill a form out, signing into a popular sight … [Continue reading]

20 Computer Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

top 10 computer tips

Do you get the distinct impression that your PC is running a lot slower than usual - that it's more like jogging or even walking? When you turn your computer on in the morning, do you have time to walk the dog before it finishes booting up? Do you spend the bulk of your time on the Internet waiting … [Continue reading]

How To Use Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Software


Malwarebytes is a well know piece of software that helps people combat malware infections, usually the obvious ones like Trojans, Worms, and Viruses. These types of malware were almost too common so to make malware more difficult to find, malware developers started to create rootkit … [Continue reading]

5 Tips To Secure Windows XP After April

windows xp security tips

When support ends for windows XP in April 2014, a computer still using the Windows XP operating system will be left at it's most vulnerable. Microsoft has announced that there will be no further security updates this operating system which will parade it as an open target to penetrate for hackers. … [Continue reading]

The 3 Best Online Backup Providers Reviewed

Online Backup Providers

The best online backup providers make it easy for you to backup your files on a regular basis so your data is safe from disk drive failure, hackers, and natural disasters. Even if you're backing up your data with the Windows backup and restore wizard, you still can store your backup files … [Continue reading]