How To Change Your Computer’s Network Location

change network location

It is usually easy to change your network location type. You simply go to the control panel, then the network and sharing center, then click on the network type to see options to change. But sometimes the option to change your network location is greyed out. Other times you can still click on it but … [Continue reading]

How To Change Your Workgroup Name in Windows


A Workgroup is a group created on a Windows PC to allow other devices on the same local or home network share various resources. A Workgroup can enable the sharing of printers and files. When you first setup a home network, the Windows operating system automatically creates a Workgroup for … [Continue reading]

Remote Desktop Will Not Connect – 10 Troubleshooting Tips

remote desktop using IP

I hate it when remote desktop will not connect to another computer in my house. After all, the remote desktop feature is something I really rely on in my business. I often have bulky programs on a main server in my office, along with stored files, which saves my laptop from being the only workhorse … [Continue reading]