How To Change Your Computer’s Network Location

change network location

It is usually easy to change your network location type. You simply go to the control panel, then the network and sharing center, then click on the network type to see options to change. But sometimes the option to change your network location is greyed out. Other times you can still click on it but … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Wearable Technology Devices


Wearable devices present the next frontier to high technology. Consumers probably know the potential of these devices from Google’s wearable eye-gear – Google Glass to Samsung’s wearable wrist-wear – Samsung Gear. However, wearable devices cover more functionalities than these mentioned here. They … [Continue reading]

Flip A Picture In Windows Live Photo Gallery

mirror image in paint program

I had a photo that I wanted to flip horizontally but didn't have any fancy software on my computer to do so. I did have Windows Live Photo Gallery installed on my Windows Seven Laptop so I thought I would see if I could mirror a picture in windows live photo gallery. Sadly I was disappointed as … [Continue reading]