What’s The Fastest Internet Service?


Which is the fastest Internet service—DSL, Cable, Fibre Optic (FiOS), ISDN, or T–1? The short answer: most homes and small offices will get the fastest speed over fibre optic.But few people can get fibre optic where they live—I can’t get it at my house—so one of the other services may be your … [Continue reading]

Wifi Router Buying Guide


Wifi routers are essential devices in a world filled with mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Although you can buy just about any router and use it to allow your devices to connect to the Internet, buying the right router can prevent a large number of problems later—such as connection issues, … [Continue reading]

Solid State Hard Drive Buying Guide

computer tips buy a solid state hard drive

Buying a solid state hard drive is about more than just pure gigabytes. It’s critical to consider other factors such as speed and drive lifetime, as well as making sure the drive will fit in your intended device. Solid State Hard Drives Verses Non-Drives Both solid state hard drives and SD cards … [Continue reading]

Diagnosing Laptop Battery Issues

Diagnosing Laptop battery issues can be a painful process, but all laptop owners should know the possible problems and solutions.If you've ever seen the movie iRobot, you know how helpless we’d ever be if our technological devices took on a life of their own. I've experienced that on a daily … [Continue reading]

External Hard Drive Buying Guide

Buying an external hard drive is becoming a common practice, as this type of backup storage device is not only easy, but extremely affordable for the average household. It is extremely important that we all learn to backup computer files regularly to avoid the pain of accidentally losing anything … [Continue reading]

Customise Recent Documents Excel – Clear, Pin, Delete


When you open the Microsoft Excel program the recent documents list is easily accessible  after pressing on the Office symbol at the top of the software. In Excel 2010 it is a little more difficult as you need to go to the file tab, then press on recent to see these documents.Sometimes people … [Continue reading]